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You must have that hermione hair. He's also an idiot for just pulling his hand out.

Your boyfriend lacks a lot of finesse.


Oooow, my (at the time) puppy did that. Had a bald spot an everything. I feel for ya op.

How does one get one's hand stuck in... Hair? He must have been twisting his hand in every possible intricate way for hair to be able to catch an entire hand inside of it. Unless OP's hair is sticky. Try some new shampoo if your hair is like that, though I don't know much about hair so I could be totally wrong.

Yes, sir, you are totally wrong.

53, there is such a thing as nappy, thick, tangly, curly, (etc.) hair types. My hair is curly and it gets so tangled. If someone ran their hand through it, it sure as shit will get stuck.

that's what she said

You must have that hermione hair. He's also an idiot for just pulling his hand out.

ouch! but it will grow back! it's not permanent!

If OP has long hair, it could take forever to grow back. If the patch is in a visible area, it could be months or even years of bad hair days.

ugh my brother did that once

#6 Please tell me your brother is within the age of a newborn to around 5 years of age.

yeah, he is

You probably should have said that in the first place.

Your boyfriend lacks a lot of finesse.

Don't worry, he'll be Suave soon enough.

I Redken he will need to Garnier a good amount of experience with soft hair before it takes him anything less than an Axe to end a situation like that again.

I doubt it'll be any time Sasoon, but with practice, he will be Head and Shoulders above anyone else.

Yeah, then they can go back to being love Dove s.

75, aww that was cute x)

I'm sorry OP, this must be a hairy situation for your boyfriend, he must feel so torn out about this whole thing!!

No. Not at all.

At least there's no gum involved - it could've been a lot worse, trust me

Doesn't mean it didn't suck, though.

That must've hurt! I hope he at least apologized for that. He should've been more careful though....