By Roma-Jay - 22/07/2012 14:13 - United Kingdom - Coventry

Today, while trying to look cute and playing with my hair in front of a boy, I pulled a piece of my hair extension out. FML
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Well if that's not cute, I don't know what is!

Playing with your hair is not cute unless you're five years old and actually shy... YDI.


Well if that's not cute, I don't know what is!

That has happened to me a billion times. Not the being cute part. The extension part. Damn braids, a slight tug on the right braid and BAM.

iLOLatURpain69 7

At least you didnt pull it all off...

YDI for wearing hair extensions, be natural..

dominic1221 6

Lol, desperate for a reason to say YDI, I see. How about this one, it follows the same logic: YDI for wearing clothes and living in a house and using modern technology - be natural.

Go bald. It the solutions to the worlds problems.

Today, while trying to be cute.. YDI. I didn't even have to finish reading it

Dominic your comment was so rude and unnecessary . you know exactly what I mean

AceArctic 4

113 - Aww, did he hurt your feelers?

Oh sweetie, ripping hair out isn't playing, it probably made you looked stressed or something

Is it bad that immediately assumed op was black?

Oh I get it. It's funny because the robot, he doesn't have any arms!

RetardedPotato 6

Holy crap I know you, Person1233. I'm 100thninja.

Sawarski 13

I thought you would say it was funny because the robot doesn't have any hair, but you got me baffled when you took it to no arms.

Does this have any relation to the actual FML or is this "Post idiotic shit" day?

It's a reference to a rather obscure claymation video. I seem to be the only one who knows this

Well, being obscure is the reason why they're getting thumbed down to hell. The comment looked random and out of place.

Don't underestimate the emotional trauma of everyday embarrassment.

It's not a real FML? *Checks webpage and looks at anecdote for any signs of matrix-est reality* Um, yeah it's real. It's staring at me from my phone screen.

Lol had to be tuggin pretty hard. Remember it's fake ladies and gentlemen, you can't tugg on the weave

Don't have to pull all that hard depending. I put extensions in for a bit just to add some odd colors without dealing with the bleach first. They came out just from brushing at times. Depends on how long they were in for it seems.

@84 Clip is slip really easy if you have fine hair.

katiedoll6 7

Today this girl was flirting with me and twisting her hair then a big chunk came out fml!!!!!!

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Give him a break, he's a potato. A really retarded potato, to be exact.

Playing with your hair is not cute unless you're five years old and actually shy... YDI.

xoconnie 8

Yeah OP, quit trying so hard and just be yourself!

87- I know that, I happen to be one myself... But OP is obviously not shy, since she was trying to be cute.

That's not true. I twirl my hair around my fingers when I'm bored, nervous, thinking or embarrassed about something, and the last 3 guys I dated said that the hair thing is what drew them in because they thought it was cute. If you're doing it out of habit, then it can be cute, but if you're doing it in attempt to look cute, then sometimes it comes off as too obvious.

93- exactly! That's what I meant. I do it out of habbit sometimes too, but I try not to, cause it looks so stupid when i do it... But when you do it to look cute it just looks like you're trying too hard.

AceArctic 4

103 - Of course you do it out of habbit! It would be pretty hard to twirl your hair in a habbit.

obviously she wasnt playing with HER hair, because it was an extension.

148- What the hell do you know, you're a guy! Bet you don't even have long hair! -.- No, it's not that "hard".

If its a habit then its cute. If it isn't you could probably screw up or look like you are trying too hard.

YDI for playing with your extensions and not realizing that they come out easier then real hair. Maybe grow your hair longer OP, then you want have to worry anymore or waste your money on extensions! Playing with your hair is only cute if you are a shy girl. So if you are cute. If your not, try to look shy!

Sawarski 13

Everyone forgets things every once in a while. Also, for the whole, "playing with your hair is cute only if your a shy girl" thats just a load of crap. When I see a girl playing with their hair I think it's adorable no matter what. No points for you sir.

TriflingAllDay 6

Sawarski I am curious, why is it cute if a girl plays with her hair.

Maybe op is growing her hair but like me, it grows slowly. The longer parts take longer to grow due to split ends and being damaged and you have to get those cut off. So when I've gotten my hair to the almost desired length, a bunch of split ends appear that are extremely unattractive and make me hate my hair so I get them cut off. There goes another inch or two! Extensions also help to hide a bad haircut.

Sawarski 13

59 Curiosity killed the cat I don't think you want to follow his path. 81 I apologize for my grammatical blunder and I appreciate the correction.

I've gotten extensions before because I really like long hair. I do think they're somewhat tacky and definitely too expensive but for my whole life my hair has never been able to grow past the same point, which is only a few inches past my shoulders:(

AClassActx3 7

Whats wrong with extensions? I dont have them but if i decided one day.. Big woop

@72 I agree, I went threw a crazy and got a mohawk so when I went job hunting I had clippins. Looked great.

72- Actually hair grows from the scalp so cutting split ends does absolutely nothing to increase growth. It only improves the appearance..

Well that's a hair-raising problem! I'm sure he was so amused that it's a lock he'll ask you out now. Make sure you wear a nice tress on your date.

Why are you thumbing this down, guys? these are some good play on words.

Though this may seem like a hairy situation, a brush of bad luck never hurt anyone.

Hey tehcyberman stop trying to suck his ****, and you smell like shit from all the brown nosing you've been doing:)