By thankssiren - United Kingdom - Sandiacre
Today, my friend started his first day of work with me. I thought it'd be fun, but he's been putting on an obnoxious fake French accent and saying "merde" whenever anything goes wrong. Half the women at the office want his dick, and I'm still as single as ever. FML
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  \  |  28

If the women fall for him simply because he speaks with a fake French accent, I doubt they're safe to screw.

  junkman6  |  22

No it's probably just the accent. I used to do it when I was stationed in Hawaii. I do a passable Irish accent and it got me laid plenty of times all by itself. I dunno why but a lot of women just go crazy for accents.

  kasa360  |  2

What's there to be jelly of? I mean, his "friend" is only a fake accent (based on information given in the post). If all it takes is the accent, then that's a woman I'd avoid. I might be sick and tired of being single, heck I'd rather remain alone rather than get some because of an accent. It's low, sick low, the one and only flag you'd get for it would be "player" that is if your aim was to get some, which it sounds to be.

  Nordrag  |  26

Probably both. maybe the girls are all over him because of the accent? and the fact that its fake makes the situation all that much more frustrating