By Anonymous - 29/01/2012 05:50 - United States

Today, I was cleaning my room and set my burnt out light bulb on my computer chair without any second thought. Later, I sat on the chair, the light bulb shattered and I got a huge gash on my butt. FML
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Oh dear. Atleast it wasn't another glass jar incident of it being inside you first (there's a video somewhere I've never seen it but I've heard about it)

Are you talking about that one man one jar video? Its nasty

Don't watch it! A friend showed me it and dude that's like three different kinds on pain right there....

lebronesque73091 12

Second nastiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Whats gross about that is how he even managed to fit a jar that size in there

1 guy 1 cup. Yes... You should watch it... If you want to see a glass jar burst in a mans ass and watch him dig out the glass and blood stream out like you turned on the faucet the hear him scream "****!" because he realized he will die unless he goes to the E.R. And that the story he will tell the nurse will be one for the books... Is that the bid you speak of #1?

Did this cause you to break a mirror, glasses and need an ice pack for your head?

kaylamahoney90 12

Do not watch that video. I can not imagine sitting on glass. Ouch!

lighten up, at least the glass isn't still in there!

I'm sure it's as clear as day, that you've seen the error of your ways.

Must have been a real pain in the ass...

Ofcourse it was. You don't stick things were the light don't shine.

I suppose this wasn't the highlight of her day.

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It's okay, OP. Your life isn't shattered. Just lighten up and keep moving on!

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Look on the bright side, at least your room is clean...

I cringed when read this fml, I kinda wish I had been left in the dark

Light that ass up. FYL though that sounded like it sucked ass. Kay I'm done.

we all know what computers are REALLY used for. some people approach their computer with their pants already off

Well. Ouch. I hope you don't need stitches... Talk about an awkward visit to the emergency room =P

I don't think that a single case of absent-mindedness would cause OP's reproduction to be "pollution of our race." Forgetfullness is something that happens to all of us, it just happens at worse times for some than it does for others.

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be happy you didn't cut your cojones.

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Watt I'm thinking is you're not the brightest bulb, next time switch on your brain.

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Hmm.. I do not see this C-C-C-COMBO you are trying to break. Better luck next time..?

Fun game... Lame reply. Better luck next time. :D