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By  Mauskau  |  35

Oh dear. Atleast it wasn't another glass jar incident of it being inside you first (there's a video somewhere I've never seen it but I've heard about it)

  kyarush  |  10

1 guy 1 cup. Yes... You should watch it... If you want to see a glass jar burst in a mans ass and watch him dig out the glass and blood stream out like you turned on the faucet the hear him scream "fuck!" because he realized he will die unless he goes to the E.R. And that the story he will tell the nurse will be one for the books... Is that the bid you speak of #1?

By  OhHushDear  |  11

I don't think that a single case of absent-mindedness would cause OP's reproduction to be "pollution of our race." Forgetfullness is something that happens to all of us, it just happens at worse times for some than it does for others.