By E or - 13/07/2010 13:41 - United States

Today, I flew a toy airplane into my face. FML
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Dont you know how to duck op?? These emo's are getting crazier each and every day!!

Is that what the kids are doing nowadays

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Shouldve done the matrix. YDI. And just walk it off, you'll be fine.

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How did this get past moderators?

WTF!!! **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

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comment not moderated:) but op how does that happen. if u were controlin the plane then u have bad hand eye coordination. if it was flown at u then people must hate u. either way fyl.

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seriously, how do these fmls get moderated?? I've had much worse stuff happen to me

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hahha I think that takes skill (;

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Don't most rc airplanes have things in them that stop them from flying to close to the remote and controller? Ydi for flying a cheap toy airplane

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couldve been worse ....ur grandmas 30 year old ***** that was used constanlty and never washed

there was another FML just like this only with a toy helicopter..

congratulations your a retard.. u should be proud really.. man these stories must be moderated by 8 yr olds..

63 - Shhhh they moderate comments like yours lol

son of a bit they moderated my comment lol I saidddd these stories are retarted and are probably moderated by 8 year olds!! moderate this one assholes..

goddamn 8 yr olds can't take a joke.. quit moderating my comments ******* dickwads

69 - Stop breaking the rules lol. Soon it will be your account that gets moderated, not just your comments.

73- really O.o? haha whoops lol I just don't like the moderators lol they make me angry -.- grr lol

74 - yeah really lol. It's not really the mods fault though, it's just their job to enforce the rules. And if you break the rules, you've gotta get punished...such is life :).

u have got to be kidding me.. I think they hate me... stupid moderators.. this fml sucks

Lol! 78 - you're silly. You can't pick on the mods! Haven't you heard not to bite the hand that feeds you??

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wow. this is probably the stupidest fml I've ever come my actually entertaining stories never make it but this shit does?

I agree! it is a stupid fml but they modded me when I said that.. jesus

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today, I realized that fml puts stupid stories on, instead of the occasional, true, fml's. FML.

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wtf is up with comments, they're switching like crazy, lol

#7 I have no idea! I was the first one to comment and then it just disappeared. That's okay though, my comment was pretty useless.

yeah, it keeps switching from me being first then u being first and back again. idk, lol. same with the fml rite below us about the friend being home for 3 days and other friend finding out on facebook. rofl

I believe I can flyyy, I believe I can touch the *crashes plane into face* FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU Thats pretty much how I pictured it.

How the hell do you do that? Were you not looking at the plane as you flew it?