By E or - 13/07/2010 13:41 - United States

Today, I flew a toy airplane into my face. FML
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s2000lover 0

how did you do that?

deafeningsilence 8

Yeah, you fail, OP.

Dont you know how to duck op?? These emo's are getting crazier each and every day!!

Is that what the kids are doing nowadays

OhWowFYLindeed 0

Shouldve done the matrix. YDI. And just walk it off, you'll be fine.

Mack7273 0

YDI for making a gay FML

LMFAOwned 9

How did this get past moderators?

this is a fucking repeat!

WTF!!! fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

americuzz 8

comment not moderated:) but op how does that happen. if u were controlin the plane then u have bad hand eye coordination. if it was flown at u then people must hate u. either way fyl.

christa953 12

seriously, how do these fmls get moderated?? I've had much worse stuff happen to me

you're amazingly hot.

BabyDacey 0

hahha I think that takes skill (;

Averizzle 0

Don't most rc airplanes have things in them that stop them from flying to close to the remote and controller? Ydi for flying a cheap toy airplane

pvthill 0

couldve been worse ....ur grandmas 30 year old dildo that was used constanlty and never washed

RC Toy Airplane....... WIN! Nuff said.

there was another FML just like this only with a toy helicopter..

congratulations your a retard.. u should be proud really.. man these stories must be moderated by 8 yr olds..

63 - Shhhh they moderate comments like yours lol

son of a bit they moderated my comment lol I saidddd these stories are retarted and are probably moderated by 8 year olds!! moderate this one assholes..

goddamn 8 yr olds can't take a joke.. quit moderating my comments fucking dickwads

69 - Stop breaking the rules lol. Soon it will be your account that gets moderated, not just your comments.

73- really O.o? haha whoops lol I just don't like the moderators lol they make me angry -.- grr lol

74 - yeah really lol. It's not really the mods fault though, it's just their job to enforce the rules. And if you break the rules, you've gotta get punished...such is life :).

Or flee the Country. ;)

u have got to be kidding me.. I think they hate me... stupid moderators.. this fml sucks

Lol! 78 - you're silly. You can't pick on the mods! Haven't you heard not to bite the hand that feeds you??

I got banned -.-

ohsnapp823 0

wow. this is probably the stupidest fml I've ever come my actually entertaining stories never make it but this shit does?

I agree! it is a stupid fml but they modded me when I said that.. jesus

UsualSuspect_fml 0

today, I realized that fml puts stupid stories on, instead of the occasional, true, fml's. FML.

xxooxx_fml 0

Fail. enough said.

wtf is up with comments, they're switching like crazy, lol

#7 I have no idea! I was the first one to comment and then it just disappeared. That's okay though, my comment was pretty useless.

yeah, it keeps switching from me being first then u being first and back again. idk, lol. same with the fml rite below us about the friend being home for 3 days and other friend finding out on facebook. rofl

His mother never loved him.

did you taste it?

the_flirtt 0

ha u dumass

I believe I can flyyy, I believe I can touch the *crashes plane into face* FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU Thats pretty much how I pictured it.

How the hell do you do that? Were you not looking at the plane as you flew it?