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Today, my boyfriend told me how jealous he gets when I "hang out" with Dylan. Dylan is the 5-year-old boy whom I babysit every day. My boyfriend wants me to stop, because apparently Dylan cockblocks him. FML
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"Dylan, you better stop messing with my girl or I'll beat the shit out of you!" "Oooohhh, you said a bad word!"

What an idiot. He's clearly got some issues.


What an idiot. He's clearly got some issues.

DenBriZel 31

But if you stopped "hanging out" with Dylan you wouldn't have money to take him to the playland!

I can't believe there are guys like OP's bf. If I was him I'd be the one taking Dylan to Playland or Legoland or wherever. There are few things better in life than being able to be a kid, with a kid.

DenBriZel 31

Well dang. I looked back at my comment and realized it didn't sound the way I wanted it to be, and I went to change a few words around to make it sound better, I found out apparently passed the time limit for editing. Anyways, what I meant was that I was implying that OP's boyfriend is acting like a child and that she should take HIM to playland. Sounds a bit stupid now that I think about it, but it sounded funny in my head! Lol And to OP! If I was you I would tell the boyfriend to either grow up or pull up his big boy pants and leave.

Boyfriend: You're a doodyhead! Dylan: oh grow up

I'll second that comment. Those who are able to be a kid with a kid are the ones who will never grow old and will continue to have fun as we pack on the years. Being able to relate to a child or teen on their level is a gift. I'll never have to worry about a generation gap and that's what makes me successful in my line of work.

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This is so stupid. Why take crap or argue with a guy who doesn't think like a normal person? He's way too controlling OP

Man, I used to sometimes look after the neighbour's kid after school (he's 13 now, so not anymore). It was a blast pulling out my old bin of Lego and getting down on the floor and watching cartoons and playing. I can't have kids of my own, so I live vicariously through other people's kids. I don't get OPs boyfriend. You can introduce these kids to all these things you loved as a kid that they know nothing about but is cool again.

I kind of understand his reasoning. Maybe he means it like she's spending time with Dylan when she could be spending time with him, hence the ****-block

That sucks but you deserved it too because kids can be cockblocks

DenBriZel 31

85- it doesn't matter? that's not the point... The point is that she's a BABYSITTER. it's her job to "spend time" with the kid.

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Amazingly enough, the world doesn't revolve around her boyfriend's dick. OP can do what she wants.

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He is if he knows who that Dylan is a 5 year old.

Tell him that, in fact, babysitting Dylan gets you money to buy condoms which provide for safe sex and less Dylans! That oughta make him shut his mouth.

Dump him, he's obviously more childish than the 5 year old. You deserve better

Tell your boyfriend to stop being so ridiculous. If he's threatened by a little kid then it's likely he'll be unreasonable about pretty much any social interaction with a male. Hope he comes to his senses!

Alright guys I'm going to bite the bullet and say that maybe OP is manipulating her boyfriends words (she is human we all do it) and her boyfriend is just mad because he doesn't spend that much time with her, hence the "everyday" babysitting.

94, that is a possibility, but its her job. If he is upset that she works too much then that is also a big issue. If she's babysitting every day, chances are OP is young, he shouldn't be interfering with her work. She still will need to figure out if he is worth possibly losing her job if she asks to cut back. Personally I would be ticked off if my kid backed out of her responsibilities like that for a boy!

"Dylan, you better stop messing with my girl or I'll beat the shit out of you!" "Oooohhh, you said a bad word!"

Do you remember to keep your boyfriend occupied with stimulating experiences while you are gone? I can recommend toys where you can put his lunch, for mental stimulation, or a colour book, if he is more into that kind of tasks.

your boyfriend hasn't grown up...looks like u have another kid to babysit!

Your boyfriend has some serious self esteem issues if he feels "one upped" by a 5 year old. I suggest you tell him to repeat what he said to himself and man the F up.

DenBriZel 31

Or he could be cheating. I've heard that usually the guilty ones are the ones that accuse.

Infamous_Tora 12

The kid's got game at an early age. If your boyfriend is scared of losing you to a 5 year old, he's got quite the list of insecurities..

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He clearly has reason to believe you're a pedophile lol have knocked door to door yet OP? Haha

I think you need to rethink where your mind is. Why don't you have a seat right over there...

timss4 19

Lol clearly sarcasm about how dumb her bf is being

timss4 19

Lol too early in the morning back in the states for inappropriate humor I take it

We get it was a joke. It just wasn't funny. You along with countless others before you on FML can't seem to grasp that fact.

timss4 19

Lmao right well good thing what's funny is a matter of opinion. Name callin is cute though lol