By holdengurl18 - China
Today, I found out that my boyfriend is extremely jealous of a stuffed toy that sits on my bed, all because it gets to 'sleep in the same bed as me and he doesn't.' Now, whenever he comes over, he throws it at the wall, death glares at it, then gets up and kicks it under my bed. FML
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  agentx52  |  13

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flyboykhi, you're retarded.. It's a stupid stuffed animal!! Who gives a shit! It's not like it's alive and it's screwing the girl. And you agentx52, who cares that she sleeps with a stuffed animal, it's probably a bear that she's had since she was little or something.

  dre_bro11  |  12

44, going by the fact that OP and her BF don't/haven't slept together, which is what I got from the FML, I'd actually have to agree with what 56 said and say that OP sounds like she might be a teenager.

  RosedFairy1  |  0

I find it funny actually because my mom had a Winnie the pooh she slept with every night, and my dad would get sooo jealous of it, it's not even funny. he would then throw it at the wall when he was there and one day..he threw it out without telling her because he was so jealous.


44- Why does it matter? I know plenty of grown woman like myself who do like to cuddle up with something soft every now and again, hence having a stuffed animal. Even my sisters do it, and their adults with kids of their own. So if it's a crime now, lock us up.


why not? I know tons of women who have a few stuffed animals. hell what do you expect women to do with those stuffed animals which are so popular to give at valentines? let's not forget furries who coat their beds in plush toys. :p

  shaubygal  |  11

44 I agree I mean in her room is ok but not on her bed I mean come on! I get pissed when my maids put my cute pillows and stuff on my bed and always throw them off. but her boyfriend is weird for being jealous in the first place.

  zozohearts  |  0

Ok, my cat used to do that with my teddy bear. He was really jealous of it. Whenever I'd walk out my room I'd come back to my teddy bear being stuffed into my fish tank. Haha it was both cute and sad. I had to get rid of my teddy bear :| but op, with an animal it's understandable, with a guy... not so much.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

And this is why so many girls have abusive boyfriends.. "It's cute and sweet that he gets jealous".... "Well, he only beats me because he's so passionate about us.."

  SammyS2012  |  21

because a stuffed animal is different than him beating the crap out of her? now if he was kicking her dog because he got to lay on her bed, then I would be worried. but i don't know of abuse cases where it started with jealously from a stuffed animal, unless everything time he saw the bear on her bed he would back hand her. I could be wrong though, people do crazy things

  SpamPam  |  18

#156 yeah and awful adults are always telling little girls that "when a boy picks on you, that means he likes you!" Which only skews our perceptions of acceptable behavior