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I bet you didn't see that one coming

Did you help design apple maps ?


I bet you didn't see that one coming

Eh. Sounded pretty good as it was

Neither did he.

Well, at least you didn't send him into traffic...


OP, wash your brain from that disgusting memory!

Oops that was for another FML

As it the grandpa one

Did you help design apple maps ?

That was pretty short sighted of you.

At least you're not as bad as some GPS. Whenever someone tries to find my house they get sent to the middle of a lake.

My boyfriends GPS sent him to the neighbors house.....a mile down the road.

Reminds me of an episode of The Office where the GPS told Michael and Dwight to drive into a pond... So they did.

Perhaps he'll turn a blind eye to your mistake.

That was both terrible and hilarious.

Lucky you didn't say "nice to see you again" when you met him

Why? OP is not blind.

If OP just met him, it wouldn't make sense to say that. have failed

At least he won't see you later

he might remember his voice xD

You should be a cartographer.