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Today, my boyfriend told me he loved me for the very first time in three years. Apparently, all it took was anal. FML
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perdix 29

It used to be "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," but now it is apparently "the way to a man's heart is through your asshole." On the other hand, I wouldn't trust an "I love you" that is said right after anal -- he's probably talking shit.


zebrapattern 6

ew. 3 years? anal? did you tell him you loved him yet?

shakethat 10

so I guess you really will do anything for love

OP is silly I wouldn't have done anal unless he had already said ily.

ArthursLifeSucks 2

The way to a man's heart is through your asshole ;)

RedPillSucks 31
bhimz1 0

#133 u gave me stomach cramps xD

The best part of your comment, 133, is that your pic is of ero sennin haha

yes it is. is it just me or do alot of guys actually want to try it? :-/

yea lots of guys do want to try it. BUT they should also be willing to take it up the butt first, its more pleasurable for them anyway

anal is nasty says the person who's username is exotica.

I have never figured out why guys like anal. I have never liked it. Why put it into a nasty asshole and do something that usually causes pain to the girl. I had one girlfriend that wanted to try it once and both of us did not like it.

The only reason people may like it is because the anus is more tighter than the ******, I believe.

sourgirl101 28

Q: Why do guys like big **** and tight asses? A: Because they have big mouths and tiny dicks. I don't believe it's only because it's tighter (some may?) but many girls do their Kegel exercise now a day.(: I think many are just curious or wanting to do something considered taboo. I agree with DjeePee in 9, It is your own personal choice how you feel about it.

@17 - tighter orifice, that is what makes it appealing.

Furley 4

Q: Why do women like a fat wallet? A: Because they are lazy, self centered, selfish failures of a person who can't find security on their own. Q: Why is sourgirl sour? A: Because no man in his right mind has ever or will ever touch her with a 10 foot pole.

Furley 4

Here above my comment is a prime example of what I just explained. take a good look guys, learn well, and don't fall victim

Furley 4

See there are two kinds of what you are. Its called the bitch, and the butch. You my friend are the bitch.

Furley 4

I love how all the assholes, failures at life and bitches band together to vote down on comments.. its hilarious

shut up furley, you're the bitch and butch here...what ever the **** you were trying to make a point out of.

Furley 4

so, still epic failing the responses? Don't like facts? Too bad, go cry to someone who cares.

I love how you make an even bigger ass out of yourself with every new comment you make. Oh, wait, I don't. Now **** off.

Furley 4

Moderator, get of the rag. If you are going to remove my joke, you are going to remove hers too, unless of course, you are being objectional, which is against the site rules for you i might add?

Would you mind taking some xanax or ritalin please? The comments section isn't intended to host sissy slap-fests, you know. It really isn't.

yeah 59 she has tons of Internet friends even if no one likes her in real life. you sure showed Furley by making fun of his internet popularity on a childish website.

Furley 4

and the comments section isnt your personal opinion center either so stop abusing your undeserved powers.

yeah 59 she has tons of Internet friends even if no one likes her in real life. you sure showed Furley by making fun of his internet popularity on a childish website.

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ulicksam 0

Wrong. I'm a guy and I could care less about it. I can't tell you the number of women asking/begging for it though.

nocanhaz 4

Same here, I'm a guy (that is strait) and I don't give a sh*t about anal or any other stereotypical teenage male antics. And no I wasn't trying to make a joke when I said, "I don't give a sh*t about anal". So nobody say, "I see what you did there".

cowgod123 0
EffinToofer 3

I don't really understand that gays are called "fudge packers" and taunted for doing anal when it is apparently fine to do a female in the butt. And don't say it's because women want it because most women I know, including myself have only tried it because our guy wanted us to.

The_Moustache 6

Your right about anal being nasty, but wrong about all guys wanting it. I mean, why the **** would you want to put something in there? That's an exit only people! Why would it be any better than the normal way? ******* gross.

also being a straight guy it's cause the ass is tighter then the pussy butt the longer you go the wetter and loser it gets so many guys find it pleasing. then there's also the fact that it's impossible to get pregnant from anal

Zayna_604 0

T.M.I. dude... (p.s. comment above was a mistake... i accually disagree!)

carpediemryders 0

actually it is scientifically proven that when a woman has the BIG O from anal sex it's even bigger and more intense, and yes more women ask for anal more than men do.

Is personal experience a good enough source for you?

Well I am Dr. Blue Penguin the scientist, and I prove this theory! >_> No, I agree. You are right. As much as I enjoy it, I get asked for it every time I go to have sex. And most of the time, I don't mind, but sometimes I'd just like some simple ****** sex. It's nice, Lol.

where does one go to have sex? a brothel perhaps?

meowmeowwkitty 0

vaginas should be tight anyways i think. when guys want anal I'm like - what's wrong with my ******? lol. but it's the experience - and mixing it up, I get it. but as for "gross" thing - some ppl just don't like sex. it should be enjoyable! maybe everyone needs to watch some **** every once in a while. or atleast californication. stop living under rocks, sheltered dumb people. don't bash anything till you've tried it.

38# spelt straight wrong... means he's gay

randiZ25 0

guys that want anal have a secret gay side ;)

you want anal and your name is donkey dick lol. and you wouldn't wanna call it the poop shoot because one day you may get some nasty shit on your dick.

Desiring anal sex doesn't make a guy gay. What makes a guy gay is desiring sex with men. It doesn't matter if you fantasize about your girlfriend wearing a strap-on and giving YOU anal, as long as you are fantasizing about/having sex with a woman, it is heterosexual behavior (for a guy). Anal sex is generally sought for many reasons. Commonly cited ones include the general 'dirty' or 'taboo' feel, the relative tightness of the anus compared to a ****** (more friction does, indeed feel better, to a certain point), a certain expectation bias (it happens all the time in ****, so it must be popular - I should try it and see why), and the "I can't believe she's letting me do this" factor. To be completely honest, it's probably not a very healthy act for either party - the anal tissues tear easily, allowing an easy path for the massive host of bacteria at the end of the human digestive tract to enter the body, it can lead to anal prolapse (which is where you essentially shit your guts out), and if there are any small cuts or scrapes on the penis (such as from insufficient lube) it can put the man at risk from afore mentioned bacteria.

Yeah, OP, what are we expected to say now? You have chosen him, if it bothers you so much that he doesn't (dare to say he) love(s) you, you should discuss it, shouldn't you? I think it's essential in a healthy relationship to love your partner AND say it on a regular basis, but who am I... Three years in a relationship without a single time hearing (and saying?) 'I love you', and no communication about it. YDI. I'm not going to speak about the anal part, that's a personal choice. And everyone who's going to say 'eeeew anal YDI for having dirty, nasty anal sex :( :( :(' without even trying it is childish.

I agree. What people do in the bedroom is their own choice. If she doesn't like it then maybe they aren't sexually compatible. Also, to all those people who are making comments about butt sex, remember that gay men do it all the time. Are you saying that aspect of gay sex is disgusting?

I think that's exactly what they're saying. And there's nothing wrong with thinking that "that aspect of gay sex" is disgusting.

Yeah, think there's something seriously wrong with this relationship. Considering what it took for the guy to say it, I doubt he ******* means it. They're both at fault though. I don't understand being in a relationship for that long and not saying "I love you." It must not be that meaningful of a relationship to either party.

They are allowed to think whatever they want, I was just pointing out that it's a fairly common practice and they should be more tolerant.

ulicksam 0

Most people would bitch that he hadn't said it in 3 years. Now that he has, you complain.

RedPillSucks 31

Saying "I love you" for the wrong reason is probably worse than not saying it at all. It kind of proves that he's in the relationship for the type of sex (anal) that he can get.

I meant it as some gays like anal because they prefer it for as much as I know. It's like how some lesbians like strap-ons because they don't have a dick and know, want the experience. Sorry if my point made me look like a person against gays, but I'm not. I was just making a point that many gays do it because, well, there's a hole so they can still experience ******* each other.

And many straight people do it. And many bisexuals do it. And (unfortunately) many pedophiles do it. Your point?

I thought I just explained my rather pointless point....? Oh, **** this,, I always end up pointing out random stuff and making people misunderstand me. It's like a self fault, I never seem to think before I say things... :(

I seem to have that problem in life, it sucks, I know how you feel

Buddies in the imcapability of thinking before saying or acting! :D

perdix 29

It used to be "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," but now it is apparently "the way to a man's heart is through your asshole." On the other hand, I wouldn't trust an "I love you" that is said right after anal -- he's probably talking shit.

Ninjafriends 1

He's definitely talking shit. Saying "I love you" after anal is a nice way of softening the fact that he doesn't respect you anymore.

Talking shit,hehe. I see what u did there

guys need to relax with that. it's disgusting. I swear I'm going to tattoo my ass. the left cheek will say exit and the right cheek will say only. then there's not even an excuse for surprise butt sex lol

Furley 4

dudes got a point. Fat pigs should take any sex they can get, lest they dont get any.

I think you guys should shut the **** up. Obviously, you think you can be a bitch or whatever on the Internet, but no, that's just plain horrible. Show some respect to others, I say shame on you for making such mean comments. >:(

24 needs to shut up. I like giant asses....

Ain't a damn thing wrong with a big ass, son.

Big asses make a nice cushion when doing anal...

fat bitches waste precious stick length, if you prefer KFC fed phat asses it's your choice. I enjoy my salad fed, lingerie worn gf's perfectly sized fine ass.

keep feeding your ugly fat ass with KFC. I respect women who try to keep their ass fit as it's much harder than inventing excuses for having a huge ass. she can tatoo any shit on her ass, I just feel pity for the poor bastard filling that caneloni stuffed giant ass.

EXIT ONLY really? what if you were doing it doggie style? Maybe tattoo it around your asshole instead of your ass cheeks? WTF really...