By Anonymous - 19/04/2010 20:36 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time. He followed it with, "Want to try anal?" FML
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It's the logical next step.

well if he thinks he deserves anal for saying he loves you. it makes me wonder what he thinks he deserves if he were to propose.


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Ahh, young love.

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'That's an exit only!'

Bugatti_Veyron 1

take a couple of laxitives before and see how he likes it

*crosses fingers*

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so did you try anal?

Pearljammer001 0

only if it's a white couch story, otherwise, what's the point

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in PUERTO RICO, anal tries you.

anal = fucking nasty. but I'd rather do that than suck on a guys nipples ._.

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my nipples are very clean ^^ I wouldn't see why you wouldn't wanna suck on them ;)

epoh_fml 0

I would much rather suck on a guy's nipples. I am all good on the buttsecks.

24- I sense racism hidden in your comment *shifts eyes* <.< >.> o.o

tell him yeah! just not with you. :)

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Nipple sucking? Really? But, like, what's the thrill in that?

I agree with 26 and 40, and not just cuz they're purdy.

Why wouldn't you want to suck on a guy's nipples? Anything is sexy if your guy really wants it. :) But, really, what's gross about a guys nipples?

eat frijoles, chase it with coffee smoke a cigarrette and enjoy the show

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don't lie Sean. pretty girls get all the love on fml

49 there are some hair nipples out there...

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well WOOT for me if you did lol raleigh's the only one that ever shows me love on here :)

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I don't see the problem.

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haha he is a keeper

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Well... Do you? :o

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Did you say yes ;) ^.^

debiasio69696969 0

can I join? ;)

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Can I????

anal sex is good, don't be so close minded!

you better have givin him that shit

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Anal is so it.

epoh_fml 0

I'd probably go to jail for statutory, Jimmy XD when Raleigh officially leaves me for Hailey, then I'll consider it lol

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Anal is nasty. You shit out of your ass. Why would you want shit remnents on your dick.

77, no offense but you look like a person to like anal. . .

Tell him he's too big and hence to use his tongue.

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Haha Hope :)

anal is great...

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erm, maybe 18? and I can't check your profile--I'm on my iPhone :) I'm 25-way older than most FMLers

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I'm 15! Yay :D

85 do you not wipe your ass when after you shit?

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77 , didn't you try actin' all tough threatning me on facebook? sayin you were trying to get wit my brother?

101, most people don't shove toilet paper up inside there, but if you are 100% completely spotless, I stand corrected.

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how old do you think I am? :)

Haileyw15 0

No shit I wipe my ass. That's why I said remnants.

Haileyw15 0

Haha sean :)

#85, small argument here. There are streams of piss that flow through a man. That doesn't stop women from sucking and shoving the schlong anywhere possible.

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I said 18 in the hopes that I really wasn't that old. or you weren't really that young. or something. But yah, I'm that old I guess ;)

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me to :D

perdix 29

#26 WTF?!?! I have very sensitive nipples and I had a girlfriend who wanted to suck them so badly, she trained me not to giggle while she did it. It worked!

Haileyw15 0

110.... Truuuue.

perdix it's weird!! lol. idk haha. and yeah 25 isn't old hope, I know there's a grandpa on here haha

epoh_fml 0

I don't really think I'm old. definitely older than all you younguns though ;)

epoh, pretty girls get all the love... and me :D can't believe how many rats came out of the woodwork on this one fml but other than that I get all teh lovin in the world :)

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that's true story. you do get a lot of love ;) fml--the next

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113 were you saying your 15 too??

epoh_fml 0

so I'm one step down from grandma? sweet. hopefully that's a long way off! my oldest is only 2 1/2 and my youngest is still a fetus. I have a long way to go till I'm the grandma of fml :D

perdix 29

#118, I'm not QUITE that old.

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um no, there was just an fml about anal on a white couch a few months ago....

haha I know perdix :P aww congrats hope!! I wanna

26. ur a dumb bitch

epoh_fml 0

haha didn't know you were hitting on a pregnant chick, eh? s ok. I'm only pregnant for a few more months then I get to go back to being a regular MILF (or so I've been called) :)

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Haha. Wow. Why are people such assholes on here.

epoh_fml 0

cause they're jealous they can't get no love, hailey.

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Epoh congrats- I hope your second baby is just as cute as the one I'm see in you picture. And to the OP- If it's done CORRECTLY it's not a big deal. But you need to find out why he wants to do it. Is it only curiousity? OR is he trying to get you to do something that you may consider degrading and just wants to gain a power trip?

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it's soviet Russia. you killed the joke ^_^

minnieminroe 0

flawless xD

you_and_me_fml 8

wow some.. well almost all.. boys are so stupid

minnieminroe 0

don't mind them Hun! most of them are overly processed fake pictures! have you noticed that EVERY single girl on FML is like...unbelievably gorgeous? coincidence? No. Picture-stealing? yes. look at my picture :0 there's no way I'm Minnie mouse :o possibilities are endless on the Internet :P

another day another 9.5 inch veiny boner from all hot girl butt sex comments. this is better than the boob size comments. any girl want my schlong up there please pm me.

Where else would you shit out of?!

"Its fun for the girl!"

Wait, I've done nothing but look at comments on posts and there's one question I have: Where the hell is snickerdoodles? Did she die?

the whole stealing pictures thing is so dumb! its not hard to use your own. and yeahhh, isnt the majoriry of the fml'ers like 15 to 25 ish? haha

in soviet Russia, anal tries u

tsc32 2

@163 I've heard that her mom banned her from this site till she's 17 or 18

skyttlz 32

I agree with 26 I think anal is icky

i am suggesting a threesome between me 26 and47

you_and_me_fml 8

I agree 166 .. what's the point of stealing pictures? like seriouslyy loll, I hate how some girls take slutty pics off google especially the completley obvious ones

ATM that shit. ass to mouth.

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haha hope. regular milf. nice

and u said yes right?

49 can suck my nipples anytime

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154 thanks, & it's the hot gals in planet earth that makes us that way

Then you say "Yes"

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piss is sterile,110, shit is dirty and can give you a sore throat lolz

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not 4 all girls lol

caannaadaa rocks :)

I hope you said no! not because I'm one of those people who thinks anal is gross, but because you shouldn't be having ANY kind of sex with a man who Just said he loved you for the first time. that obviously means it's way too soon In the relationship to be trusting him with your body, especially with something like anal which be painful at first. because if things don't work out with him you may end up woth some serious intimacy issues and mental health problems.

who's asked you to suck on a nipple

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sure was #125

Haileyw15 0

Oh haha. Cool! :)

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you dnt haveta love ta fuck... I haven't dated Anya tha guys I fucked, so who caaares. anal isn't good though. it huuurts!!!! I got it unwillingly nd made that bitch S T O P.

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wow ur 15? i just turned 15 yesturday!

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Tell him " Ill get the strap on"

it sure is. wanna try it sometimes?

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ur hot

haha if you love anal I love u

praetor_fml 3

Fucking epic.

It's the logical next step.

epoh_fml 0

of course. anal sex and true love always go hand in hand . . . when you're a homosexual.

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thats what i thought. lol jkk

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ha he don't love you

Actually epoh... they could if you think of it in a way that you want to share everything you possibly can with that person because you are so in love with them. Or you want to be that much closer? I never thought anal could be considered romantic until I heard that explanation. :P

epoh_fml 0

that could be one explanation. personally, I prefer to keep my behind to myself, no matter WHAT my lover wants. but hey, everyone's different :)

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Hummina hummina humma pow right in the kisser

Maybe you should ;)

Yeah maybe he meant anal on him? That would be a funny twist to this FML... You never know it could've been what he actually wanted. Lol

FYLDeep 25

I know right. What an ass!

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I see no reason for you to say no...? He loves you, you love him (right...?) and so it's buttsecks time!

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what supergirl said!

FYLDeep 25

So he wants you to fuck him up the ass. Just go for it.

I hope you said yes.

...literally. ha

No homo, I swear!!!

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dawww, how cute..