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Today, after lifting a 20 pound box of oranges for a woman at work, she turned around to say "Your acne needs help." I still had to tell her to have a good day. FML
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Wow, I would've thrown those oranges at her ignorant face. At least I like to think that's what I would've done. What a bitch.


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Stupid that people call redheads ginger... Ginger isn't even red...

squeeze the peel in here eye. that's shit hurts like a bitch!!


20 pounds is nothing dont be a baby

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You should have done the Christian thing, and turned the other cheek. Then stare deep into her eyes and say your soul needs a little work cause your going to hell! Bwwaahaha burn muthaf***a!!!!

Or maybe she thought it was a nice thing and was just trying to help. cheer up!

yeah right, and justin bieber is a great singer, too.

she's terrible isn't she as bad as doc bastard

marketing to a bunch of little 5 year old girls so he can go all pedo on them in a few years

go figure first day with an FML account and I get moded sirin if you read this(it's probably sirin) get off FML for 2011

20 - Autotune actually is an amazing singer. Fix'd.

Wow, I would've thrown those oranges at her ignorant face. At least I like to think that's what I would've done. What a bitch.

I would have thrown her face at them unless she was fat

>I like to think that's what I would've done Of course you would. But pretty much everyone else thinks the same way but really wouldn't do a thing if they were in the described circumstances.

Yes #26, that's pretty much what I said.

being in the customer service biz sucks balls. you have to nice to them or else you get chained up in the dungeon again...

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Agreed. YDI for thinking 20 pounds is heavy.

Actually, OP lifted the box for the other woman, shouldn't you be insulting the bitch who was rude to OP?

Well it was obviously at her place of work, so OP had to carry the oranges. Also, 20 pounds is nothing. YDI for being weak.

No where in the FML says she was complaining about the weight, she was just describing the weight of the box she had to carry.

Well she put the weight there for a reason...

If OP had just said "box of oranges" then it would sound even more pathetic.

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no I used it for a while and it made it worse. it doesn't work the same for everybody

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you did the right thing, op...don't worry, what comes around, goes around...karma will be visiting her shortly...

You forgot to add 'muhahahahaha'.

Yea seriously. 20 punds isn't crap. Well anyways. You should wash your face more. Noone likes to be staring into a pizza face

Washing your face does nothing if you have an actual problem, dipshit.

You ass. People with acne are known to over-wash their faces with no improvement whatsoever. People with actual problems sometimes take pills that can damage your liver and STILL have a problem after treatment. I hate ignorant people like you. High schools are full of these fuckwats.

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He should've said "And you need to get that attitude sorted out!"