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Today, I found out that when I thought the bullying had finally stopped, the bullies had actually been sponsored to be nice for charity. FML
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girls can be really mean. just remember high school isn't forever and you'll do better then them some day!

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I'm sorry but i'm really confused :&


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#9 is right bullying is nawt somthing ta laugh bout

9 not so true... bullying is funny... only to the dumb **** sack bully.

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I was bullied as a kid. I wish I'd fought back. my life might be different now.

lol, ya ppl here sux!! Seriously onebadfoxbody, you are an ass. I'm not sure what kind of victory you think you've scored by A) getting the first comment and B) calling people here crybabies, but I would bet on KaySL's life that you are a bully. The rest of the folks here are right - bullying isn't funny, and if you think it is, you need a baseball bat up your ass. Why don't you go crawl back under the rock from whence you came. Comments like these aren't welcomed here, and continued trolling will get you banned faster than a crackhead runs after a quarter.

Doc, you took my spot on the comments list. Ah well, I agree with what you said anyway.

ohh ill get banned? sooo scared.. plz dont ill be heartbroken

Why are crackheads such easy targets? *sigh*

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I used to get bullied. That was their mistake. One time, the chick slapped me repeatedly for ignoring her. So, i got pissed and broke her arm. Ah, I still remember it like it was yesterday. 

I'm with onebadfoxybody, bullieing is pretty funny, I LOL whenever the subject comes to mind. My generation consists mainly of a bunch of ignorant softies ( I'm an exception ). Nothing like a good ass kicking shows kids whose boss.

Pendatik, English is my third language, and I'm 13. I realize this is FML and that bad grammar, spelling, etc is frowned upon, but I mean c'mon.. **** off guy. Also, I'm sticking to my previous statement, BULLYING* is absolutely hilarious, I know first hand because I've been victimized. Then I kicked the bully's ass. People who bitch about being bullied are a bunch of pansys who are too scared to stand up for themselves. Also nearly all comments above are hypocritical, as you are all clearly bullying Onebadfoxbody. He merely asserted his opinion, and you all shat upon him. That's called cyber bullying. Oh and thanks for the recital, Webster. * I hope your happy, asshole.

When you ridicule others, your showcasing ignorance on another level, you ignorant ****. If I think bullying is funny, it dosent make me a sociopath, it's a symptom, is all. By your logic, you must be a sociopath as well, belittleing people by correcting there gramatical errors. Also, read some of these comments, Onebadfoxbody has been indirectly threatened with a bat up his ass, and a beating, also he has been called mentally unstable and/or chronically insane. Seems a little more then a minor disagreement. Pendatik, we just have a different sense of humour, your is just "morally correct" , you ****.

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Come on, youngclench, even you think that considering bullying fun, is a bad thing. You said "If I think bullying is funny, it dosent make me a sociopath, it's a symptom". So, a symptom of what? If it's a symptom of something, then there's obviously something wrong with you. Also, are you new here? Maybe you are, and that's why you haven't noticed how people here don't like it when you call others ignorant or stupid while showing your own ignorance. It's funny how you say that ridiculing others showcases your ignorance on another level, don't you think that bullying is a form of ridiculing others? Just stop trolling once and for all, you're wasting your time.

Of course bullying is a form of ridicule, That's what makes it funny, and it's a symptom of being a sociopath. Does having a cough mean you have lung cancer? No, probably not. So does laughing at others misfortune make me a sociopath? Again, probably not. Yeah I'm new here, but I know trolling consists of insults, with nothing to back it up, example: Sinkhole and Pendatik love gay ****. I never said laughing at bullying is bad, because it's not. It's just a fun thing to do. You're an idiot, by the way I heard about your dad punching that kid, tell him I wish him good luck in court.

Sinkhole 26

You must think you're so funny... If you're trying to prove what a big idiot you are, then you're certainly doing a good job at it, congratulations. You don't even see how you're contradicting yourself! What do you have to back up your statements? If we can call them that, 'cause I think you don't have anything at all. If you need to rely on insults in order to "win" an argument, then you're not really making a good point. Did you really think that I would get offended at the last thing you said there? You need to grow up then!

Hm? I'm sorry, you must be chocking on a dick!

A baseball bat up where? You're bullying him through words. You can't put out a fire with more fire.

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ya me neither.... how is this an fml ?

hmm...OP you could have been a bit more specific

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people had to pay the bullies to be nice, because they didn't want to be nice on their own. which in a way isn't really an fml, because now OP's not being bullied anymore. who cares why?

I agree with previous statement. if it's gotten better then you should be happy maybe this will help in the long run

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girls can be really mean. just remember high school isn't forever and you'll do better then them some day!

very true I'm in higschool right now and it sucks, people are soo mean. I think that will effect you later on how ou tolerate things

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I'm also in highschool so I know how you live your life is your own choices. You choose who you are and if you're happy with that then you don't care what others say, but others are pushed to suicide and so on. Lifes not so hard, look what people had to go through in the civil rights movement.

No one gets bullied in college. It's called hazing when you get older (;

The human race is evil. Evil, I tell you!

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Unfortunately, People who are bullied tend to become sad and depressed killing themselves and death happens to last forever.

Of course, this whole damn problem could be solved if adults would do something. A person in my school has threatened to kill me and my friends multiple times. I've gone to our assistant principal and told him, so he got suspended for a day and a half. Then one of my friends told a teacher to shut up and got suspended for the same.

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I'm sorry but i'm really confused :&

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Really you just didn't put the "H" in the word "What"?

Nocanhas-it's a trap! Don't believe him! I know pendatik's British accent makes him sound all suave and debonaire, but don't fall for it!

It gets so much better after grade school, I promise. Stay strong until then.

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it's gets better after grade school? then y do most ppl commit suicide after grade school?

Opportunity, know-how and hormones. That's why.

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Hmmm. That sounds like extortion.