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By lisacasabonita - 12/11/2010 16:31 - United States

Today, while at dinner, I told my boyfriend that I wished he liked sushi. He replied, "I wish you liked anal." FML
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Nice to see you have a good relationship and can talk things out in a civilized manner Seriously though, this was hilarious on his part I'm sure he was joking like I do with my wife when she nitpicks me


You have to accept a person's preferences...I think he showed you a good example?

pertained I like how u just like I did posted ur comment as a reply to first just to get ur comment up here ;)

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they're both pink on the outside

If you can't sit for a week he did it right.

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She will like it after her boyfriend "slips" ;)

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anal is gross guys don't filing care because they don't know it affects a girls anal god guys are fuking ng gross

It is a matter of choice.She has the right to not like it and he must respect that.So, no,it is not the best example.

So is not liking sushi. Its the perfect example, Its a matter of choice, he wasn't like sushi but she's bugging him about that, she "wishes he liked sushi" because she wants him to do X. he wishes she liked anal because he wants her to do Y. its the perfect example of her complaining that she wants him to like something he doesn't same as anal. It's even got the added sarcasm factor in there

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You don't like anal???? Haha maybe you guys could combine the 2 somehow

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Anal with a fish...?? Ass hole wrapped in sea weed?? What the shit?!?!

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Lmfao a butt hole filled with rice fish and nori oh god that's a bad picture

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40 I could have lived my life without that image lol thanx

#2: Hey if the manager of Led Zeppelin could do it in the other hole, then the sky's the limit!

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eat sushi then do anal. win win

#40 I also imagined a bit of wasabi in the butt hole. And I imagine that would be painful.

2- lol yeah he should eat 1 sushi per thrust ;D

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I regret reading this thread. *cringes*

I love sushi! ummm so I guess he'll eat sushi if you do the dirty deed.

Nice to see you have a good relationship and can talk things out in a civilized manner Seriously though, this was hilarious on his part I'm sure he was joking like I do with my wife when she nitpicks me

Erm, what's your point? If you have that difficult of a time takung a joke or even a simple comment, you should be single or find someone equally joyless to listen to your complaints. It's not like he gave you an ultimatum.

Was it the "what's your point" bit that got me modded? I'm not saying this isn't an FML. I just think OP should get over it (which I thought it was alright to say).

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Hey... I want to know your trick IF. How'd you get your comment to reappear? (In case I screw up.)

I'm just as amazed as you, sourgirl. I think the mods thought I was saying it wasn't an FML though and I had to explain myself. One or two of the mods might actually be human. Certainly not Sirin or Quite Insane but one or two of the others.

I happen to think the mods are politically correct *******

I happen to think you're going to regret that remark... Incidentally, you do know that there are actual rules to the site, right? They are actually posted on the homepage. It's not one of those "yah, it's the internet i can say what i want dur" sites. The mods are just enforcing the rules the site creators put in place. If you don't like it you certainly don't have to stick around.

That was me, ImaginaryFoe. I reversed it now. I may not be human, but I have a heart.

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Yes, Quite Insane at least has truth in advertising going for him. That would explain where Sirin got that heart. And, like a Grimm tale, it's safe to assume what she'll be doing with it... You always were on of my favourites, Sirin. Good to have you back.

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So that is what the porridge is made of. Bad Goldilocks for eating the melted hearts of FML posters.

pen, I can't tell if you're mocking our favorite off-the-rocker mod, or sucking up to him. Incidentally, I hear there's **** of that.

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dude I didn't know the moderators were people that's so cool

One of those abilities you become ashamed of.

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haha lmfao watch out for that donkey punch!!!

ahahha donkey punch unconscious!!!! lol

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I agree, sushi is pretty disgusting. This isn't an FML, he said that to be funny. If it really bothered him, he wouldn't be with you.

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sourgirl, that is one of my favorite videos of all time. I laugh each and every time I see it.

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Oh, Bastard, you forgot to capitalize sourgirl.

sourgirl isn't capitalized. You can see it right there.

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152- I knew someone would point that out, but still it should be capitalized as it is in the beginning of a sentence.

Why? You don't capitalize words such as "iPhone" or "rRNA" if they're at the beginning of a sentence.

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who gives a s**t u grammar nazis??!!