By not impressed - 09/10/2015 18:27 - Canada - Nanaimo

Today, I told my boyfriend that I love him. He replied, dead serious, "That's nice and all, but anal speaks louder than words." FML
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Buy a strap on and tell him you're ready to go next time he wants sex. Or dump him.


incoherentrmblr 21

Technically, anal does speak louder than words, in decibels...

Buy a strap on and tell him you're ready to go next time he wants sex. Or dump him.

First part is right but I mean second part might be a little extreme. It's not like anything was forced and maybe they just need to talk about it (I don't mean she should just listen to him I meant to sort him out). But yeah.

That couldn't possibly be any better off an idea. Kudos.

i don't think dumping him would be to harsh. if he doesn't say (and feel like it) that he loves her too but demands a prove of her love, which would be a favor for him, he's kind of a douchebag.

he sounds like someone who would seriously coerce someone into anal, which makes him a manipulative asshole. like I'd run for the hills if a guy said that to me. its basically 'you would if you loved me', which is the kinda thing my mum warned me about from creeps...

Vesi 29

The bf already made it pretty clear he's not emotionally invested in the relationship with that response instead of reciprocating. She needs to tell him to shove off if she wants emotional investment and not being told anal sex will prove she loves him.

Exactly. If I poured my heart out to my bf for the first time and he responded with this, I'd say "you're right. I'll take this relationship and shove it up your ass." And then I'd leave.

Has anyone ever stopped to consider that he was making a joke and that OP misinterpreted it?

If they've been together long enough for OP to admit she loves him, I would SINCERELY HOPE she understands what he means most of the time -_-

Uhhhhh that seems pretty insensitive of them... You put yourself on the line and don't deserve a response like that.

I hope he was joking op- you need someone who respects you!

Axel5238 29

Never understood why so many guys are into the thought of anal. I'm guessing it has to be from ****, but all that is properly liter ect... No where near as sexy or erotic which goes for most things transferring **** into real life.

My girlfriend is into anal.I am not.she claims that it helps when she get blocked up. I think she just likes how the strap on feels

Misswildsides 22

#11, I don't think we needed to know that

Soverain 15

Vote me down if you want but I think #11 made a pretty good joke.

#11, You could've mentioned that you were a lesbian (as it says in your profile) and then your comment might make more sense to the rest of us.

Ah and I thought it was pretty funny and coming from a guy. Thanks for letting the air outta that one

embracingsilence 15

That sounds like something a future cheater would say. If you don't give in to anal, he'll probably find someone who will.

That's a tad extreme. Saying you want something doesn't mean you'll cheat to get it.

A07 48

So saying I want $10 billion makes me a future bank robber?

@8 That logic is completely flawed. Just because there is one thing he wants that she won't do doesn't mean he will cheat.

It sounds like your boyfriend is more into the feeling of sexual nature rather than on the heart and it sounds like you got a real loser and you hands

tell him to bend over then lol see what his reply is! Lol jk don't fo that! tell him to go to hell! then leave his ass! (Pun intended!)

hannah_dl 11

I don't know why every one is freaking out and thinking he's serious, it seems like an ovious deadpan joke to me and it went above OP's head.