By sadgf - 25/02/2009 21:12 - United States

Today, my boyfriend said that being with me was his payment for past sins. FML
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I'm glad he fully appreciates you.

you mean your EX-boyfriend, right?


I'm glad he fully appreciates you.

me and it bf would get along

The Lord works in mysterious ways...

suziebear21 0

Was he like..joking? Either way that's pretty harsh haha.

how rude!!! i say dump him

MCart_fml 0

I'm torn on this one... I would need to hear the other side of the story before voting... either way it was a very rude thing to say.

Why? Either he's an insensitve ass, in which case OP should leave him. Or OP is a terrible girlfriend, in which case he should leave her. Neither option calls for saying what he did.

know_your_role 0

not rude at all.

Oh great. Religion screwing with more relationships. How wonderful...

you mean your EX-boyfriend, right?

welll... make his statement come true

Damn, you just got bitch slapped by God... I hope you've got a good counter-attack...