By estephi - 09/02/2010 08:14 - France

Today, my boyfriend confessed to me that the only reason he's with me is because I'm a good tattoo artist and he's too broke to pay for his own tattoos. We've been together for two years. FML
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knock him out and ink a dick on his forehead ..he deserves to be stamped as one.

Well, I reckon you should cut the tattoos out of him now. :p


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tranquilize him and draw make a tatoo of a penis on his right cheek either cheek

wow what an ass dump his ass for being so selfish

yeah but op u don't complain whe he is giving it to u from behind, so it's a wi win situation

Being with someone for tattoos is a hell of a lot better than being with someone for money. Which some women are notorious for.

Tattoo: -your name on his dick. -a "open 24/7" on his lower back Smell that? Sweet revenge...

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give him a tattoo on his back one day and make it bitchy lol like something dumb or just mean he will think it's something else too and he can remove it :)

@Rocco1990: What's the difference? A gold digger could use the money to buy tattoos.

Yeah.. I agree with the tramp stamp idea.. Also, I'm tempted to say: YDI for living in a trailer, but somehow I think people won't like that..

"living in a trailer"? are you serious? tattoo artists make way more money than you can ******* dream of. the good ones make $100+ an hour.

women can't tatoo anyways because they suck

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it's kind of the same as being with someone for money...if that's how she makes a and needles cost money...

Well, I reckon you should cut the tattoos out of him now. :p

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Why is FML filled with serial killers and psycopaths???

Because some of us are not allowed out of the house until the ankle bracelet comes off.

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hahaa ...that's a good one that's a good one...

hush is bak :D I haven't seen him for a while :s where's snickerdoodles tho?

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The guy is only with her because he is broke and can't afford tattoos and she gives him them for free.

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at least he was pretentiing to be straight like my ex was. fyl

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damn that sucks...what a jerk!

knock him out and ink a dick on his forehead ..he deserves to be stamped as one.

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give him a new tattoo "gay and proud"

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I'd do that. He doesn't deserve you or any other woman :)

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lol #6 is funny! I wld totally do that!

Being "gay" isn't bad. He needs something to show how much of a true asshole and mooch he is. May I suggest "Broke Ass" with a picture of a bag of money with a red circle and slash over it. OR "Small Dick" with a picture of a tiny dick. That would be funny.

whats wrong with small dicks..... ARE YOU BEING RACIST!

extacy, please do. wait a minute.... why dont you put your whole fist up there!!! OH YEAH

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Girls only love assholes. YDI

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you should tattoo a picture of another man on his back

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smart man. if you are in fact a good tattoo artist