By estephi - 09/02/2010 08:14 - France

Today, my boyfriend confessed to me that the only reason he's with me is because I'm a good tattoo artist and he's too broke to pay for his own tattoos. We've been together for two years. FML
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knock him out and ink a dick on his forehead ..he deserves to be stamped as one.

Well, I reckon you should cut the tattoos out of him now. :p


he's a douche :(

tranquilize him and draw make a tatoo of a penis on his right cheek either cheek

wow what an ass dump his ass for being so selfish

yeah but op u don't complain whe he is giving it to u from behind, so it's a wi win situation

Being with someone for tattoos is a hell of a lot better than being with someone for money. Which some women are notorious for.

Tattoo: -your name on his dick. -a "open 24/7" on his lower back Smell that? Sweet revenge...

did you put "liar" on his back

give him a tattoo on his back one day and make it bitchy lol like something dumb or just mean he will think it's something else too and he can remove it :)

@Rocco1990: What's the difference? A gold digger could use the money to buy tattoos.

Yeah.. I agree with the tramp stamp idea.. Also, I'm tempted to say: YDI for living in a trailer, but somehow I think people won't like that..

"living in a trailer"? are you serious? tattoo artists make way more money than you can fucking dream of. the good ones make $100+ an hour.

women can't tatoo anyways because they suck

it's kind of the same as being with someone for money...if that's how she makes a and needles cost money...

Well, I reckon you should cut the tattoos out of him now. :p

Why is FML filled with serial killers and psycopaths???

Because some of us are not allowed out of the house until the ankle bracelet comes off.

haha i know right!!!!

hahaa ...that's a good one that's a good one...

hush is bak :D I haven't seen him for a while :s where's snickerdoodles tho?

I don't quite get this FML

Ajjas013 6

The guy is only with her because he is broke and can't afford tattoos and she gives him them for free.

at least he was pretentiing to be straight like my ex was. fyl

damn that sucks...what a jerk!

knock him out and ink a dick on his forehead ..he deserves to be stamped as one.

give him a new tattoo "gay and proud"

I'd do that. He doesn't deserve you or any other woman :)

lol #6 is funny! I wld totally do that!

Being "gay" isn't bad. He needs something to show how much of a true asshole and mooch he is. May I suggest "Broke Ass" with a picture of a bag of money with a red circle and slash over it. OR "Small Dick" with a picture of a tiny dick. That would be funny.

whats wrong with small dicks..... ARE YOU BEING RACIST!

lucifer- I'll finger ur bumhole

extacy, please do. wait a minute.... why dont you put your whole fist up there!!! OH YEAH

Girls only love assholes. YDI

you should tattoo a picture of another man on his back

smart man. if you are in fact a good tattoo artist

haha all bad...