By manhood fading away - United Kingdom - Heckmondwike
Today, because it was our first Christmas as a couple, I was careful to get my girlfriend what I considered to be a very thoughtful gift. She opened it, took one look at it, made a face like I'd just kicked a puppy, and told me that in future it would be better if I just gave her money so she could buy her own presents. FML
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  Blurgas  |  16

Since OP mentioned "thoughtful" and the gf said to just give her money next time, I wouldn't be surprised if the thoughtful gift wasn't expensive enough

By  Magnoxidans  |  19

Hey, honesty in a girlfriend can be hard to come by. At least now you know she won't bullshit you and you're off the hook trying to work out what to buy for her!

  Catdragon  |  40

Ok, but if someone just got an abortion, but also a new dress and their partner got them a coat hanger, that'd be pretty fucked up. This is just an example, but what may seem like a thoughtful gift to some will be horrible to others.

  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

You always can make up bad examples, but this FML doesn't sound like a terrible case involving an abortion because then the girlfriend's reaction would have been much more severe. To me, it sounds like a woman slowly emasculating her spouse, and I have seen such things happening all too often. OP's girlfriend sounds like a bully trying to destroy the self-esteem of her boyfriend.

Be careful, OP.

  annalily5  |  28

On one hand that's sounds like she was very rude and it sucks to have someone hate a gift and be a brat when you put a lot of work into it.
On the other I just finished reading a long list where people said the worst gifts they've ever been given, and one woman mentioned that her husband of many years got what he thought was a very thoughtful of a beautiful, expensive gold cross, apparently forgetting his wife was Buddhist and allergic to gold.
So unless you're in the second group of thinking $$$=thought and your gift was actually totally off base, FYL.