By Anonymous - 07/11/2013 17:12 - Ireland

Today, I was pouring boiling water into a cup, and I accidentally spilled it all over my hand. My mother responded by slapping me for getting water everywhere. My hand is scorched red, but thanks, I love you too, mother. FML
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i dont see how some moms can be like that deffo sucks

She should apologize for her "heated" attitude.


i dont see how some moms can be like that deffo sucks

while shes sleeping, get a bowl of boiling water and put her hand in it while she is sleeping so she will feel your pain and piss herself

Anybody else think #16 is going a little far with that?

stephhrunsaway 21

This sounds like something my mom would do. She once flogged me across my back for forgetting a homework assignment. I was 7 at the time...

Ireland a bad place!? it is my number 1 travel destination if I had the money that is...

#34 while it looks nice, there are a lot of interesting aspects. I dated an Irish boy fresh of the boat and hung out with 15 of his friends who came with him. Let's just say every country has their issues and have different ways of living. The country is beautiful but I've heard my far share of stories.

Yeah ive seen the fallout from the collapse of there building industry alot of Irish tradies milling around in Aus haha

16, you've replied to the first comment on a few FMLs and they're all downvoted. I live in Ireland and my mum would give out if I spilled, then ask am I ok.

@ 16 Why do you always involve Ireland in everything?

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Yeah I don't see how her mom went off like that. It's just water, get a damn mop! Then to not be concerned about her daughter's hand?! Yeah baby girl needs to move.

really? I'm pretty sure that was child abuse, but what do I know? I'm just a 14 year old boy who doesn't know whether or not he's manipulating people half the time

She should apologize for her "heated" attitude.

Holy crap, I thought I was the only one

Stop spillin water on her marble floors!

I don't get why this is getting down voted. One time I was cutting up carrots and cut my finger. My mom got mad because the carrots were bloody and unusable. Maybe this mom is like mine..just has her priorities a little jumbled.

tpm45 25

I don't see why people get so mad about spilled water. It's easy to clean, won't leave ungodly stains unless you leave it there, and is fairly easy to replace.... Well.... Good luck with your mom, OP.

Thank you 55 for understanding, I wasn't saying that it's right, but I was just implying in a more of a sarcastic way that she probably just gets mad over her stuff!

Your mom sounds a little simmered. Perhaps you should give her some space, before she boils over.

What?! Are you calling OP's mom a teapot? I suppose you'll call her short and stout, or even suggest we tip her over and pour her out?

Don't be ridiculous, this isn't over till the fat lady sings!

CaiDog 20

Your mom needs to watch her hot temper before it boils over again. Otherwise things may get heated between you two.

At least your cheek matches the wonderful shade of red on your hand.

tompou6 19

And the Irish sense of humor strikes again

Sounds like your mom was burning with anger!

moms. great one moment and then a bitch the next.