By arace15336 - 22/08/2010 06:17 - United States

Today, I found out that my boyfriend is only staying with me for the present I promised him for his birthday. FML
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so YOU break up with him, who gives a **** about his birthday present

you always gotta get one last *******.


just tell him on his bday that the present was an IOU and take all his money ;) on a serious note, FYL op.

12: maybe the boyfriend is a deadbeat and has no money? That's why he's waiting for said present.

#13, never thought of that. thanks for enlightening me :)

No problemo 15. Unless that was sarcastic. Haha :P

once you give him the present he will dump you

#17 I was semi sarcastic :P but why would OP even want to date a deadbeat....

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#19 maybe she wanted to "change" him. haha. and Op fyl, that sucks. must of been one hell of a gift though! ;)

Good point 19. Well maybe OP has low self-esteem or some inferiority complex...

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dump his azz before his birthday and return the present. *wipes hands* my work here is done :p

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I hope you're not dumb enough to stay with him OP

what 22 said you shouldnt have to go thru crap like that no one should


Break up with him and don't give him his present.

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I agree with 28 that will be the best gift to him ^_^

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give him a baby that will make him stay with you

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how dumb do you think all us are we don't need someone to explain the story

dude, its the same thing any smart guy would stay in any relationship for any amount of time; SEX.

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yeah one day before or, dump him for his bday

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no 10. he really doesn't like her

it's ok, your wallet must be empty from Starbucks anyway lol

what you should do is buy a bear trap for his present, then tell him to close his eyes and put it on his **** lol }:)>

you always gotta get one last *******.

so YOU break up with him, who gives a **** about his birthday present

Don't give it to him! Give it to his brother or dad.

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Now you have the upper hand! Get him a sack of shit (or bricks), and a kick in the testicles for his present. Don't forget to yell, "SURPRISE!"

give me the gift. I have as much feelings towards you as he does!

Keep the present and dump the douche. Win-win situation. :D