By thirdwheel - 15/02/2010 18:08 - United States

Today, I found out that my best friend pays my boyfriend to this day to take me out. FML
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LTMcleod 0

win win, you get free food and your friend loves you!

crimson46 0

that sucks.


crimson46 0

that sucks.

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Awesome best friend though. If it was just a couple of dates so you would get your confidence back a la deuce bigalow, go easy on her. If we're talking months, he's probably blackmailing her at this point, go easy on her. He is a prick.

Free_Hugs10 0

It really does suck but at least she has a boyfriend! FYL though, dump him and look for someone that truly cares about you :)

well ur friend is very generous to u

ninja_ness 3

aww she's a good friend but your boyfriends a bitch

At least she has a boyfriend???!! 'free_hugs' whatever happened to girl power!!! jeez.

Free_Hugs10 0

Sorry #116, the first part was sarcasm. But I did mention that she should find someone that cares about her.

yea that's a very good friend! agreed ^

purplemnm 9

and 117 you need to find more age appropriate clothing

Free_Hugs10 0

I don't think you're the right person to be judging. Maybe you need a little more confidence. And I'm 20, I feel I dress appropriate enough for my age.

tjisnumbaone 5


purplemnm 9

you look like a hooker in your photo anyway and your hair makes you look matronly

AngryNinja 1

omfg. what is with people ripping on other people's looks? just stfu already. your opinion isn't important to her.

i must agree.

Free_Hugs10 0

Thank you AngryNinja. Enough said.

AngryNinja 1


what's the fml? Obviously, your friend cares about you enough to WASTE THEIR money on YOU! I mean... Awesome friend

hater 135 be nice will ya :)

xxjona777xx 0

that's how much she loves you!! just wants to see you happy.. YDI for being a bitch about it

What a great friend.

MadaZer0 8

^ This.... is a hot profile pic... Mainly because i think I know where it is from :D

atleasr ur best friend cares bout u !! think positive

MichieBabiie 0

You must have a rich bff.

that dudes not necessarily a prick, just a manho. awesome friend though

ha that sucks hate to be you

purplemnm 9

182 I have a right to express my opinion and I excerise that right whenever I want to. so I have a right to excercise a right when the fuck I damn well please.

blackmessiah 0

purplman and free hugs, u both fat n' ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

^^^^ lmfao that's funny as hell

purplemnm 9

w/e asshole if you call a size 7 fat...

#139 you're fucking ugly as shit...and to the "postee" get pregnant and fuck him over!


fml1900 0

#239, I don't know size 7 is fat or not, but it sure is long!

blackmessiah 0

yeeah. and from your

#239 if you are a 7 I am a fucking monkey ninja president

I know I am a few years late to this little altercation, but I won't feel satisfied until I say this. Purplemnm, it is true that you have the right to give you individual opinion, and that's fine. But at least have it pertain to the FML that you are commenting on! Like, that irritates the heck out of me! Why are you picking on Free_hugs in the first place? She never bothered you nor said anything to you, you were the aggressor of this whole thing. I am being led to believe that you are severely jealous of how she dresses or how her hair looks. Or maybe your boyfriend left you for a girl that looks like her and you're being bitchy (excuse my French). Honestly, I wouldn't blame him. You're just an attention-craving, arrogant, stuck up bitch.

that's sad

well, what are friends for ;)

this reminds me of "ten things I hate about you"

YeahFMLxX 0

ahh hit the friend, the guys probably has a larger sausage anyways..

LTMcleod 0

win win, you get free food and your friend loves you!

realggirl 0


Ok, so I truly believe that you are by far the stupidest bitch I have ever known. FML is a place for people to read about and enjoy other people’s pain. It’s not english class or drama club, it’s an online website created for FUN!! I’m entirely and completely sick of reading your dumbass posts; they are stupid and meaningless. If a person is insufficient at grammar or wants to state their opinion who are you to correct them? It is none of your business to point it out. Just because a person is ignorant to a subject does not make them any less of a person. It just makes you look like stuck-up, stupid-ass, bitch. So lose the attitude, gain some intelligence, and pull whatever it is you have lodged up your ass, out, so we can enjoy FML, without your mindless, dumbass , excuses of lousy posts!

htownlove 0

homeycatt221 is soooooo right. I'm so tired of snickerdoodles and her stupid grammar obsession

purplemnm 9

21 you stupid bitch you need to grow up and grow a brain! if you don't like her post ignore them like a mature woman! youre the real troll in this situation dumb whore!

Dont_Explain 3


PsychoMerk 0

just don't read her posts dumbass!!! >:O if it bothers you so much, just ignore it!

Ajjas013 6

I know I have horrid grammar. You don't have to make make feel bad :( Exactly, don't make her feel bad. She's stating the obvious. Why don't you just go hide in your troll hole?

Leave snickerdoosles alone! If she doesn't have the right to judge neither do you. my god you people piss me off.

wow.. I think I love u honeycat!

Ajjas013 6

Just because snickerdoodles is annoying DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO POINT THAT OUT. And it doesn't give you the right to point out that she doesn't have the right to point out grammar flaws. So keep your troll chompers SHUT :)

Ajjas! you are one of my heros. Along with snickerdoodles, perdix, mercy, and sirin.

cindy11052 0

Snickerdoodles you are horribly ugly.

Honeycat221, are you being a hypocrite on purpose? Or just by accident? Either way no-one likes you. PS: I didn't start the flame war, people were hating on it before I left my comment.

I don't think it was THAT badly worded. It probably needed commas around "to this day," but that's about it. Well, that or just remove "to this day" completely. It isn't that difficult to understand. I'm a huge grammar lover that can find mistakes easily, but it's kind of reaching on this one.

AngryNinja 1

Cindy, we don't see you having the ovaries to put up your own picture.

lickmyjock 0

I love you snickerdoodles... pm me sometime.

Ajjas013 6

Damn, the world is full of hypocrites like 40. 1. At least she puts up a stupid picture unlike you who probably doesn't know how to upload one much less take one. 2. And people know who she is. Do I know you? Nope, because you don't have a picture. 3. snick posts a bunch of comments, and made a bunch of friends like me on this site, and if you're just jealous because you don't have any real life friends much less ones on this website, don't take it out on snick just because you think she has an ugly pic. 4. See all of the above.

AngryNinja 1

or.. she doesn't have the ovaries to put up her own pic. ;)

KurouTenshi 0

awe I wanna be someone hero D: and where'd my comment go? O.o

I have to agree Honeycat has a point. But that particular post wasn't annoying though. Just the straw that broke the camel's back.

Snickerdoodles is retarded for not being able to understand this fml at first try. it deosn't enven mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae!!! Now seeing how even that is understandable to nongingers, the fml should be a piece of pie. She is an anoying ginger who has the right to judge whomever she wants, but being a soulless ginger with a grammar hammer stuck up her firecrotch and he makes me want to rip my eyes out X.X

lol @ drama from single comment. We didn't start the flame war. Let the whole wide world know I'm a big ol' asshole.

I like saying ginger...

AngryNinja 1

hi 56. ginger here. i understand it fine. how about you drop the ginger stereotype? kthx. >.>

Oh and to all the retards who think we should just skip past her idiotic posts, how bout she jumps to the next FML? I mean if the grammar is sooooo confusing...

Angryninja, ever since I've been stalking your posts, I've come to this conclusion: I do not like you. I will continue to argue your asinine posts for as long as I can bear them. Thank you. By the way- I will further this by saying that I do not like your picture, and if you are a woman as such said, take the picture of the man off there. Your mild FML-stalker, Zinc

perdix 29

To be fair to snick, when this FML first came out it said "best" instead of "best friend." It was subsequently fixed and became much clearer immediately.

I love how you kept the first response and not mine Mod, Cough Hypocrite Cough

Sirin, can you fix the comments issue on the website? It keeps deleting random ones, etc. Plus I think your second comment on this "thread" is gone... It comes and goes actually...

htownlove 0

#18 ur really dumb if u can't understand it, and what's up with u and grammar??

@snickerdoodles-I'm sorry you have to deal with every idiot on this sight. It must be a real pain. @ajjas- what's up buddy. @everyone-you are all annoying.

Thank you freeze. I appreciate it when people correct me because it helps me a lot. :)

I was worried you didn't catch that correction, since it kept disappearing. Posts seem to take turns on whether or not they'll appear.. Sometimes I'll see a certain group of posts as a certain number, and then another group will come in and replace them and take their number.

I have noticed fml comments glitching lately.

@Ajjas-I put everyone else but it was somehow deleted. I really am a fan of yours.

I love you Ajjas! And btw FML staff comments are not viewable on the iPhone app, yet are viewable on the website. Another bug?

I feel so inadequate with my faulty app :( Did I mention it laggs?

Ha, an argument. Spectator power, activate!

Well, not anymore. That was poorly timed on my part.

@ perdix : That makes much more sense. By the time I read it, it was already fixed.

Ajjas013 6

Yeah maybe it's the iPhone. I have the app on iPod touch and there are no such glitches. I'm sorry to hear that, I hope it gets fixed. In the mean time you may want to delete it and re-install it. I don't know what else to suggest. Good luck with that Fernando :) Btw, I still have the email that Sirin sent me about the webmaster, I'll send it right to you since you seem to be so concerned. @snick: I figured this whole argument thing wouldn't phase you at all. It's like it just passed through you. Some paranormal activity, I'll leave it to Sirin to investigate. Hopefully she won't blow your brains out with her mod hammer and smash your back with her empty kegs of whiskey.

AngryNinja 1

god, stop making fun of people 111. you don't even have a pic up. hide under your paper bag and stfu.

Free_Hugs10 0

#35, you forgot pendatic! I think he should be included among the heroes.

nope just a fan.Oh and I don't like Obama.

AngryNinja 1

123, who does?

purplemnm 9

honeycat has added one more reason to my list of why I hate the're the one trolling you stupid bitch...change your rag and go bitch to your imaginary bf instead of flaming this site.

Ajjas013 6

You're not a fan of pendatic?! Get out of here. OUT!

hmm it's not that hard to understand snicky

She has a point. It is annoying to see all the comments being about grammar and stupid fights between people. But at the same time,she is being a hypocrite. And when I say "to see all the comments", I just don't mean Snickerdoodles, I mean everyone who does it. So I am not just picking on her. Also, when half the comments are about grammar, It hard to avoid them. Anyway...back to the fml, well... op that sucks. But at least your friend does care about you, but still....

Ajjas013 6

@demoon: Stop being a kiss-ass.

You do the same thing on anything Mermaid posts, Ajjas.

MadaZer0 8

Wow.... I have missed a lot didn't I o.o... Well seeing as most of you guys have defended snick already I won't have to kiss her ass this time and defend her as well~ Wait... Did I just say that O.O

AngryNinja 1

obama's okay..? *chokes on laughter*

iamelrebel 0

you guys are all fucking ridiculous. this is just a websiteand you all are being too serious about it. GET A FUCKING LIFE.

MadaZer0 8

Too serious about it? I though it was fin this entire time D:

MadaZer0 8


I have an iPhone and it never laggs at all for this app

AngryNinja 1

me too mada. me too. o.O

MadaZer0 8

Wait... Nani-deska?!

haydenshaw 0

pretty much the best people on FML are perdix, snickerdoodles, that dude with the cow picture, and that dude with the picture of the yellow sign picture.. I might be missing a few.. the rest of you...... just.. aren't the best.. for the most part..

MadaZer0 8

Speaking of which... Where is Pendatic~ He could have said so much funny stuff by now... We all would be shitting bricks by now~

I can't believe this. I thought you were cool, I don't know what I was thinking. Jerk.

Thanks freeze, you aren't acting like a asshole like these guys are.

haydenshaw 0

I need a damn picture

You guys are all brown-nosers... seriously, what's with the fan club for frequent commenters and the "I love pendatic/Sirin/mercy/ajjas/snickerdoodles" thing anyway? Cut the bull, cut the arguing, and if y'all have something legit to say, just say it, and don't be a homo.

MF12 0

ya left out perdix. :)

AngryNinja 1

183, are you a homophobe? -_-

MadaZer0 8

No... 183 is black because he used "y'all"

AngryNinja 1

or southern. a southern/possibly black homophobe. oh joy of joys.

MadaZer0 8

Well whats important is... He doesn't know how to have fun on FML~

AngryNinja 1

not at all. we are prime examples of fun on fml. ^.^

guckylynn 19

While I don't agree with her views on sex, there is no reason to bash Snickerdoodles and call her a bitch. I had a hard time understanding the post as well because it isn't very eloquently worded. Leave her alone, she's leaving her opinion same as everyone else, and there's no reason to start a fight over it.

AngryNinja 1

well.. honeycat just said what we were all thinking. she wasn't judging, she was telling snicks off. my itouch just turned snicks to aniken. wtf?

AngryNinja 1

bugs attack /again/. this was supposed to be way down there.

AngryNinja 1

81, i just realized you don't have a picture.

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you should be thanking her cause she cares about you enough to be paying with her own money to make you happy, if she was stealing it from you and paying him with it, that that would be a true fml.

You must be retarded.

hahaha you never noticed...idiot...

Sun_Kissed18 25

How would she have noticed? She might have noticed a lack of intrest on the boyfriend's part unless he played the part well. If thats the case, he's a douche and she's a bitch who's heart is in the right place


what the fuck are you sayin dumbass?

Superjake12 0

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hahaha well said.

ringmybell_fml 0

oooh, snap.

geekemo92 0

Wow, when I read your name, at first I saw SuperJerk.

Well isn't that what best friends are for? I'm just playing. FYL.