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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Awesome best friend though. If it was just a couple of dates so you would get your confidence back a la deuce bigalow, go easy on her. If we're talking months, he's probably blackmailing her at this point, go easy on her. He is a prick.

  purplemnm  |  9

182 I have a right to express my opinion and I excerise that right whenever I want to. so I have a right to excercise a right when the fuck I damn well please.

  LexiDaBae  |  17

I know I am a few years late to this little altercation, but I won't feel satisfied until I say this. Purplemnm, it is true that you have the right to give you individual opinion, and that's fine. But at least have it pertain to the FML that you are commenting on! Like, that irritates the heck out of me! Why are you picking on Free_hugs in the first place? She never bothered you nor said anything to you, you were the aggressor of this whole thing. I am being led to believe that you are severely jealous of how she dresses or how her hair looks. Or maybe your boyfriend left you for a girl that looks like her and you're being bitchy (excuse my French). Honestly, I wouldn't blame him. You're just an attention-craving, arrogant, stuck up bitch.


you should be thanking her cause she cares about you enough to be paying with her own money to make you happy, if she was stealing it from you and paying him with it, that that would be a true fml.

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

How would she have noticed? She might have noticed a lack of intrest on the boyfriend's part unless he played the part well. If thats the case, he's a douche and she's a bitch who's heart is in the right place