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  Anubis_81  |  21

Lol. I meant that she shouldn't have to pay for her own flowers, and if it has come to that she should leave him.

Sometimes when I type too quick I leave out words.

  melons  |  44

Why shouldn't she have to buy her own flowers? Women shouldn't expect men to buy them flowers, or continually shower them with gifts. If I want flowers, I buy them myself.

  Dilwann  |  27

I agree with #15. I think buying flowers is a waste of money, and my bf knows that so he won't buy me any.
And OP... leaving him just because he wouldn't buy you flowers is a severe overreaction. Either you tell him you'd really want him to get you flowers, and if that doesn't work you just go get them yourself.
Paying him to do so seems like you're just too lazy to go to the store yourself.

  BabySparkle1  |  15

I'm exactly the same. I don't need my husband to buy me flowers to prove his love to me.. Flowers die but when it's true love it lasts forever.
If one day I want flowers I'll go get them myself.

  chlorinegreen  |  27

I don't think she should dump him but I think that if she asked her boyfriend nicely to buy flowers he should buy her flowers, if he has the money to. It's nice to receive little things like that. Like my boyfriend, if he wanted something small like that and asked I would have no problem buying him something. It's not expected but its nice. I think it's a bit ridiculous that ops boyfriend wouldn't give her flowers when she said she would pay. I would consider if he really cares about her if he can't even do the one small thing she's asking and offering to pay.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

I had a boyfriend who was terrible to me but bought me flowers all the time. My current boyfriend is so good to me and has only bought me flowers once. You don't break up with a man just because of the gifts he does or doesn't buy you.

  Palirose  |  22

15, Ive never expected gifts or flowers from anyone...but as a girl who has never been given flowers or a gift at all from any'd be nice for once...since It'd be really sweet. Lol

  Chumsword  |  8

Thats why you buy flowers that are not dead already. I don't buy my lady flowers often but that just means when I do, it's just a little more special. I'll get her an orchid (her favorite) in a pot that we can take care of and it'll last a while.

  monnanon  |  13

i like recieving potted plants too. its so much better than cut flowers. to be honest i have never understood the importance most women place on bouquets they just rot away.

  AshaaFerreira  |  22

They can say the same thing about us women.
I value having my hubby around when I'm working on my business he helps me around the house.

Obviously you haven't met a good man yet

  rahulcool7  |  14

15-Flowers are considered a gift, and no one should pay for their own gift that would be like throwing a birthday party and reimbursing people for your presents.

  SuperKnuckels  |  6

if i was that guy (which i wouldn't be cause im not a douche) i wouldnt by you flowers either they dont last. However i would buy you a puppy because they're way better. unless your not a dog person.

  jerzjay  |  17

Because OP's standards are so crappily low she settled for that douche just to feel some love and realized she still aint gettin so she's trying to pay for it herself

  tralala453  |  22

Not buying someone flowers doesn't mean they're treating them badly.

  icemand90  |  17

she doesn't want flowers, she wants the romantic behavior. a symbol that he loves, Cares for and values her. everyone wants that. doesn't have to be flowers, just something the other party values. paying him to do it doesnt defeats the purpose though.

  appelflap  |  22

I am not saying he is treating her badly, but the fact that she is desperate enought to give him money to make a romantic gesture imdicates that there is something off . A good man feels -in a way- what his girl wants and would make her smile, and he would try to make her happy as much as possible.

  Dilwann  |  27

Because buying flowers isn't that big of a deal.
If you'd leave him because he doesn't want to bother, why would you think you'd ever want to be with a man for the rest of your life? Everyone has a bad side, this is (part of) his.

  lpro  |  10

His bad side is not wanting to make his girlfriend happy?? She has obviously asked for flowers before and wanted some
Romance. But don't worry op this is just one of his flaws, he refuses to make you happy. *sarcasm*

  afallingstar  |  22

For some people flowers do not equal romance. My boyfriend is one of them...he's into showing his love in other ways...if op's boyfriend NEVER does anything to show he loves her then there may be a problem.

By  DasHaas  |  9

Sounds like a clash in preferences. I don't buy my girlfriend flowers either because I think they're stupid, but then she doesn't care and will occasionally buy (or grow) her own if she feels like it.