Smooth talkin' dude

By Anonymous - 12/11/2010 01:48 - Canada

Today, I realized the nicest thing my fiancé has said to me all month was that I have "very suckable titties." FML
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The nicest thing? I don't know what could have been any nicer?



that is awesome, definitely take that as a compliment!!!

boobs are awesome

ya hope u sucked his suckable parts!!!

that's a win girl

Yeah, 36, pics of a conversation are very interesting.

83: google "shitting dick nipples".

83 not all nipples are suckable, I've see titties "by accident" that I wouldn't suck even if you paid me. 102 eeew daug. . .I don't think I'll ever suck titties again! DAMN! Someone please delete this picture from my head. . .God please install a new hard-drive in my head! Some gross ass shit. . .

KEEPER!!!!! Lol

where's spokompton?

Noo wayy! CDA?! as in the lake? Best lake ever!!!:)

Hey!!!! Not many titties can be considered "suckable"! In my days, I've come across 3 pair! My girlfriends, my ex's, n this random chick at the store. You should be grateful.

Give him a break, he likes your rack

her yummy rack!

awesome lol

The nicest thing? I don't know what could have been any nicer?

Hahaha precisely.

Hahhaha.. Nice one 26

I'd say that's a pretty nice thing to say.

Would you rather him say pinch-able and cause you pain?

how old are you? "EW?" gtfo.

I can't come up with a greater compliment.

Perhaps the only way he knows how to express his love is by describing your naughty bits.

schwancy, your smile is brighter than the backlighting on my iPhone. FYI...

not on mine...

that's a good thing. :) wish I had that smile.

haha mine too!

@18 - Smooth. I suppose she makes you harder than that gun in your profile pic.

It was a compliment, that's all. If it had to do with guns, I would have used something with a longer barrel... ;)