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  WCARlover  |  34

I don't get why people still try to do these puns...they are widely refuted by almost that whole FML community yet people still comment with stuff like this

  Rei_Ayanami  |  18

I'm waiting for "that bites!" or some other terrible pun. I believe people do it because despite the public outcry of rage, they think the are clever and funny.

  L0V34L1F3  |  9

No teeth on ice cream! That makes my teeth hurt. Sucking on lollipop is the best! Fastest way to finish the lollipop and no chance of hurting my tongue on the rough spots in the beginning.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

guide verbally, as in
him: Oww, owww oowwww!!!! Don't do it like that!
her: what, honey?
him: less teeth, more tongue!
her: like this? *slurp*
him: less drool, fool!!!!
her: *bites harder*
him: oww! shit!!!!

  kaykay20  |  0

Less drool? If you even had a sucker in your mouth you'd now having something the mouth causes saliva to build up with only one place to go when not swallowing much, outside the mouth.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

I don't always feel like I have to give tips (hehe!), but if I had one piece of sage advice to lend, it would be that sucking at blowing does more harm than good: the girl sucks longer, and (of course) the dude is in pain.

Interestingly enough, the best BJ I ever received came from a girl with braces. Apparently, she had no trouble wrapping her head around that concept...

|the kid|

  Beebow_fml  |  5

Isn't it sacreligious to have any type of sex purely for pleasure that involves the "spilling of the seed" or something like that? I think blowjobs are the French's gift to men.

  iceblue_fml  |  0

Actually BJs happened atleast as far back as the roman times and also there are monkeys who do oral sex on eachother. So it may surpass humans alltogether.

  TheChad85  |  1

Guys like some feedback too, help us help u. I'm just speaking for myself but I like to aim for Perfection, so it would behoove girls to provide us with a few words of advice and let us keep trying.

By  KittyJay  |  3

kinda your fault... sorry. may i make a suggestion for practice? get a banana... spread peanut butter all over the banana.... add honey for lubrication if you want... your task is to get the peanut butter all off without breaking or putting teethmarks on the banana... you're welcome...