By iceicebaby - United States
Today, I found out I have Raynaud's, a condition where your veins basically shut off all blood flow to your hands and feet if you get cold. Turns out "cold" for me is anything below 70 degrees. Oh, and I live in Ohio. FML
pere tells us more :
there's a few treatments that help stop the vasoconstriction, but most have side effects (of course!) so a first course of action is just to bundle up...which believe me, doesn't work nearly as optimally as it should! And yup, purple/grey feet when they warm up! Some people have really severe cases where open ulcers + gangrene can occur and yes, they really do lose fingers and toes :(
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By  soupastahr  |  2

I have the same problem and I also live in Ohio. I wear my coat and fingerless gloves all the time during class and when I got out. I bought a heater for my room and I have a bed warmer so I'm never cold at my house but when I go out...ugh it sucks. Just from getting in my car in the morning when its really cold within a few minutes my fingers are numb and white. I feel your pain.

  pandemic_fml  |  0

Your syndrome is pretty severe if it's affecting your whole hands and feet, OP. Usually it's just your fingers and/or toes. I only get it in my fingers. Also, it's going to be cold as shit here in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, so get some friction warmers for your socks and gloves.

Though it sounds like you have shitty circulation anyway. Heat and massage brings the bloodflow back faster.

  Capriciousfox  |  27

I have this too. The problem isn't always the cold heat can make your hands swell and get very hot. It's not comfortable, I live in Arizona where there's lots of heat.

  sameaho  |  0

yeah I live in south Alabama as well, and its supposed to be around 27 degrees here, hope it isn't supposed to be that cold where you're at.

  tatang93  |  0

wrong. i live in beverly hills. its still pretty cold right now. at night and mornings it is like 40-50. and 50-60 now. itll get colder as winter progresses.



I live in CANADA and it's -35 degrees C right now. It's going down another 10 degrees in the next while. So if you're whining about it being cold, think about us canadians trying to stay warm with our whale blubber and igloos kay? Good.



-35 degrees Celcius is 14 degrees Farenheit. That is cold, yeah, but I've been in colder weather. Whale blubber and igloos? Come on.

Global warming, my ass... in Philly it's freezing. I don't know what the temperature is but I hate cold whether as it is. it's technically nit even winter yet. :/