By iceicebaby - 06/12/2010 15:42 - United States

Today, I found out I have Raynaud's, a condition where your veins basically shut off all blood flow to your hands and feet if you get cold. Turns out "cold" for me is anything below 70 degrees. Oh, and I live in Ohio. FML
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pere tells us more.

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there's a few treatments that help stop the vasoconstriction, but most have side effects (of course!) so a first course of action is just to bundle up...which believe me, doesn't work nearly as optimally as it should! And yup, purple/grey feet when they warm up! Some people have really severe cases where open ulcers + gangrene can occur and yes, they really do lose fingers and toes :(

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Wow. You should move to Florida or somewhere that's mainly always sunny!

I have the same problem and I also live in Ohio. I wear my coat and fingerless gloves all the time during class and when I got out. I bought a heater for my room and I have a bed warmer so I'm never cold at my house but when I go out...ugh it sucks. Just from getting in my car in the morning when its really cold within a few minutes my fingers are numb and white. I feel your pain.


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Wow. You should move to Florida or somewhere that's mainly always sunny!


It's always sunny in Philadelphia.

I hope you didn't go to the Bengals game... colder then frostys balls

Or Texas! It was 80 degrees yesterday :)

Did the Doctor say: "Allow me to break the ice" ?

It's going to be 30 degrees in Florida. Move to Egypt.

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ahh! i have reynauds! ): im always freezing, haha. i hate it.

Your syndrome is pretty severe if it's affecting your whole hands and feet, OP. Usually it's just your fingers and/or toes. I only get it in my fingers. Also, it's going to be cold as shit here in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, so get some friction warmers for your socks and gloves. Though it sounds like you have shitty circulation anyway. Heat and massage brings the bloodflow back faster.

well if you've survived this long you'll make it. but I'd move.

At least you don't live in bloody North Dakota.

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move to az! it almost never gets that cold here except early early morning about 1 day every winter :) you'll just hate the summers

ignore all these people MOVE TO THE SUN now thats the right answer

Its 49° in florida they would habe to go closer to the equator

I have this too. The problem isn't always the cold heat can make your hands swell and get very hot. It's not comfortable, I live in Arizona where there's lots of heat.

haha I live in Cinci, it was ******* freezing today

y did ppl choose ydi? it's not his fault at all

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^^ Yeah, it's not like it's OP's fault their sick and moving takes time/money!!

Wow... Move to somewhere nice and warm like Hawaii =D ?

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I live in southern Alabama and it still affects me greatly. even holding cold drinks cut off circulation. :/ good luck!

I would die. I hate super cold weather as it is

yeah I live in south Alabama as well, and its supposed to be around 27 degrees here, hope it isn't supposed to be that cold where you're at.

imagine living in Antarctica....i dont but ive heard it gets a bit chilly up there! (just a tad)

Down there. Antarctica is south not north.

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how do u get this disease? that sucks!

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to the user who replied to the comment, go be stupid somewhere else.

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To the serious, boring person above me, hisHoneyBunny and the negative voters: Go whine somewhere else.

What the...I keep clicking on the comment above me, and it won't hide it!!! Mercy you evil %#*£%!!11 LOLOLOLOLOLOL et cetera, ad nauseum.

You are born with it. My friends mom has it. Makes her toes turn black and numb. OP: No Mnt Killimanjaro for you!

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i have raynauds also >_< my hands are purple and cold during 70 and below weather, and it's not from lack of ************ lol

umm Ur born with it duh. I have it too. he needs to quit hiscwining. I live in Canada. it's -25 here right now.

I say California is the place you aughta be. You should load up the truck and head to Beverly...Hills, that is: swimming stars.

If OP hasn't applied to college yet, come to UCLA! Literally adjacent to Beverly Hills and everything that is awesome in LA.

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wrong. i live in beverly hills. its still pretty cold right now. at night and mornings it is like 40-50. and 50-60 now. itll get colder as winter progresses.

#52 40-50 degrees isn't cold compared to some other places this time of year.

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It's already hit low 30s here in NYC... And it's getting lower.

****.. You should stay clear of Manchester, England. its -10 tonight :(

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EVERYONE SHUT UP AND STOP WHINING! I live in CANADA and it's -35 degrees C right now. It's going down another 10 degrees in the next while. So if you're whining about it being cold, think about us canadians trying to stay warm with our whale blubber and igloos kay? Good. :)

MORONS: it's the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies.

If you don't know it ask you parents. They'll confirm that the world did exist prior to 1990.

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-35 degrees Celcius is 14 degrees Farenheit. That is cold, yeah, but I've been in colder weather. Whale blubber and igloos? Come on. Global warming, my ass... in Philly it's freezing. I don't know what the temperature is but I hate cold whether as it is. it's technically nit even winter yet. :/

LOL big time fail -35 celcius is -31 Farenheit! You were off by 45 degrees!


Cut your hands and feet off, who needs them anyways.

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I have that too and its not a big deal. take meds or baby asprin to thin your blood. suck it up.