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Today, my boyfriend won a diamond engagement ring through a citywide competition. Instead of proposing to me, he's selling it. FML
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The_Big_Boss 20

He is not obligated to propose just because he won a ring. Sorry


He could still keep it just in case but then again it kinda spoils the moment when the girlfriend knows about it :/

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shouldn't the ring you choose be unique for you girlfriends taste, not just something given to you?

#36: I think it's more sentimental than anything. Some rings are handed down through generations; they aren't chosen by the man or the woman. Others are hand-picked or made according to specifications. It narrows down to what the couple wants.

He could be selling it and getting the money to buy a personalized one.

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RedPillSucks 31

@33 The ring may have been one of several prizes and that's just the one he got.

I agree with selling the ring. Diamonds are expensive as ****. I would hope that said boyfriend would take Op out for a nice dinner with some of the money, or do something fun for them both. But Op thinking that he owes her a ring and marriage just because of a prize... If I were Op's boyfriend, I would sit down and have a long talk about marriage and where I am on the path towards getting engaged. I would not want to marry someone who won a ring and then decided, because hey I got this for free, that we needed to be married. I don't really ever want to get married, but if I did, I wouldn't want an expensive ring, I would just want him to have put some thought into it.

well, sometimes it's about a spiritual binding weddings don't have to be a financial sinkhole, I once planned an amazing beautiful wedding for only £500.

133, I wasn't talking about the wedding, I was talking about the marriage. Sure, there are tax benefits to marriage, but it's a lot tougher budgeting for two people than it is for one, and then there's even less to spare once you throw kids into the mix. But I was really thinking about the costs of getting lawyers involved with the prenup and, later, divorce. It might only be 40% of marriages that end in divorce, but that's not a trifling number, so it's better to prepare for it. Of course lawyers know this and charge accordingly.

Marriage is expensive. My sister married a guy, he had debt up to his eyeballs. She had no debt. Her credit went down the hole, she worked longer hours to pay for his school loans, and she stretched her income to pay for his hobbies and needs. She didn't get to go out and do as she liked anymore, she changed as a person. They divorced and she had to help pay for him still, for a few years after. I, on the other hand, did not get married and live in my own place, have a boyfriend, but do not have to pay for his hobbies, living expenses, etc. He has suggested moving in together, but I am not ready for that and doubt I ever will be. It is all about doing what makes you happy. Getting married because you win a ring or because you have kids does not a happy life make. The boyfriend should not propose just because he won a ring. But he should not assume Op would not expect something when he did get the ring. It's like entering to win a romantic trip for two and then selling it. The girlfriend/boyfriend would expect you to take them on it unless you explained why you were selling it. So, my advice to Op would be to have the talk about your future. Explain you thought he was going to give the ring to you and that you want to eventually marry him. Give him some time to think about what he wants and whether or not he can see you two getting married. If he says he needs to wait a few years, you need to decide if you can wait or if you need to move forward with your life. He might have plans to buy you a different ring or use one that has been in the family. He might have no intention of marrying you and think you are okay with the way things are. It does not make him a jerk or asshole for not wanting to marry you. A lot of people these days prefer more open casual relationships. Either way, don't assume the worst until you talk to him.

id be almost offended if i was given a ring just because it was won! 1st thought would be, No thought went into this at all! 2nd thought, Im offended you think I need a ring so expensive it needs to be won! Id be happy with a cheezel to propse with if it was sentimental enough! Luckily my husband did it right and gave me a ring passed down for 3 generations in his family, its small simple and surprisingly worth not much these days but he knew id love the meaning behind it.

you tell me when you see a guy do that -_-

graphicstyle7 17

Actually, that is a very good point.

Hey 137, **** you! Do you know why divorces cost so much? Because they are worth it! And yes, I am a divorce lawyer!

137, if the only reason you can see for getting married is tax benefits, you have obviously never been in love. Sure, money can be tight at times, but when you're in love money isn't a priority. (It shouldn't ever be but still.) I do agree with most comments that she shouldn't expect a proposal just because he won a ring. But I just had to throw in my two cents on your comments.

Lasagnaa 24

154 - Why must you space out your comments so much?

154--I absolutely think divorce is worth it! I just wish people would stop to consider whether or not the marriage leading up to it is. 201--I was in love. Thankfully, once I came to my senses and got my rational mind back, I realized what a loser I had fallen in love with and ended the relationship. I don't see why love necessarily has to be celebrated with marriage these days anyway. Since it's perfectly valid for two people to live and love together, there had better be good tax breaks and/or insurance benefits involved to take that big a risk.

SauceySarah 30

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Don't give OP false hopes. She's already disappointed enough as it is.

Yeah, well maybe an engagement ring means more if it's bought honestly?

The_Big_Boss 20

He is not obligated to propose just because he won a ring. Sorry

^This. A thousand times this. Sadly most of the world feels like someone owes them something.

addioty 19

Yeah, I know, but it's sort of disappointing. I don't think that OP feels the world owes her something, but almost every girl I know (not saying everyone, just the girls I personally know) wishes for marriage. Now isn't the right time, but don't rule it out in the future. Maybe he is saving up for a better ring and is planning to propose to you on HIS time :)

VSVP_fml 6

That's true but who enters a competition to win a diamond ring anyways?

ckyorelse 18

I'm already married and I would enter the competition just to win it. We have bills to pay!

Oh, common, we're not talking about the world, just her boyfriend. He's a keeper, OP.

I don't want marriage. I also would call my boyfriend stupid if he won a diamond ring and did not sell it to pay bills. Who needs a diamond? I would rather have free money to make memories, pay bills, and go out to a nice dinner with. Or get GTA 5.

This FML made me sick. I clicked YDI because its selfish. Just because you want it doesn't mean he does. I cant stand people like that. What's the big deal about owning a ring, spending all of your money on 1 stupid day, and signing a peice of paper? Oh that's show off. Stupid. I am not against marriage , I just find it ridiculous how people overdo everything. I would totally win it to sell it...

OP must subscribe to the philosophy that every kid gets a trophy.

Maybe he's not ready for marriage yet. And maybe he'd rather surprise you with a ring he chooses for you, rather than one that he won in a contest.

It'd be more meaningful if he'd picked it out himself anyway.

xzxXxzx 11

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This isn't a matter of caring. OP expects him to propose because of a stroke of luck, but fails to realize that forcing someone into marriage is the last thing you want to do.

Just like using marriage as a way to stop your girlfriend from breaking up with you... (My ex did this to me)

Otaku_hime 6

I know! My ex tried pulling that too! I broke up with him that day. Marriage is not a bandaid for a broken relationship.

Instead of thinking about it being a bandaid, maybe he came to the realization that he can not live without you in his life.

Or he knew that he was losing a good thing.

Just because he gets a ring doesn't me he should propose to you..... Wtf is wrong with your logic

I agree with you on the first part, but it doesn't mean her logic is messed. He won an engagement ring in a competition he probably entered himself into (just assuming here)...I'd probably get hopeful too.

katie_xoxo3 16

Aw sorry OP, he might not be ready for marriage?

CammyGal 26

This FML needs more information. How long have you been dating? Have you even talked about getting married? Personally, I'd choose the money over a rock any day. Still, HE won the ring so he's free to do what he wants with it.

joefrazier 20

Maybe he doesn't want to get married. He might even split the money with you.