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  rawrisforsami  |  13

Your reply here made this FML sound so much cuter. Ha you don't seem to think "F my life" so much anymore :)
Since there have been FMLs sortof similar to this one, do you think maybe he did it to be cute since he knows you read them? Like maybe he read one of those and thought you might recognize the similarity.

By  Iknoweverything  |  29

If it offends you, you could always try shoving the ring on his junk. (Unless you have freakishly huge fingers, then this probably won't work.) Although you could just say no and tell him he needs to find something more romantic. (I personally prefer the latter)


Well, to be fair, posting it on FML sends the message that you didn't like it. So these sort of responses are expected. Note that it's written as a conditional, so it only applies "if it offends you." But congratulations on your engagement.