By ohmaigawd - 14/09/2011 16:59 - Argentina

Today, my boyfriend proposed by painting his chest with "marry me?" and an arrow going down. The ring was attached to his penis with a string. FML
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what happened to no strings attached?

so.. what did you say??


so.. what did you say??

No one knows what she said, but it sounded like wa-ba-la-eu-ah-uw.

I think he deserves an A+ for creativity!

26- I honestly wouldn't doubt it these days.

That sound she makes, is the reason he proposed to begin with.

#23- Refer to #8... Freaking thread jackers, I swear... Carry on, though.

hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice?

What the hell does that even mean? ^

44- When you have an attention span of a small dog, reading that far down is humanly impossible.

At least it wasn't on the penis

Well, attention is definitely on your side.

33. Love the Megadeth profile quote


#50: that was a reference to the song "Marry You" by Bruno Mars(:

I know I was just messing.

Atleast your boyfriends penis isn't too small to put the ring around it...

Gotta love a girl with a wonderful sense of humor!

im pretty sure she said no, otherwise she would have put "fiance" in the FML

153 - did you not see her comment 2 posts above?

Hmmm when an op posts a comment the comment is yellow.... I did not know this.

I know tell me about it lol!!

Your reply here made this FML sound so much cuter. Ha you don't seem to think "F my life" so much anymore :) Since there have been FMLs sortof similar to this one, do you think maybe he did it to be cute since he knows you read them? Like maybe he read one of those and thought you might recognize the similarity.

It's the thought that counts

Lyrics to Bruno Mars song "Marry You".

I53- my dog ha a massive attention Span. She lounges all day when I'm at school.

In a couple of years, if things aren't going well you'll remember that you marry a dick :P

It is deffinently creative. Hope y'all have a wonderful life together :)

At least his penis isnt "cute"

Congrats OP, you've got a keeper there.

I would have said no...

it sais 0 confirmed out of 0 posted on ur profile, ur a FAKE!!!!

He's a champion.

Thumbs up if you tried to say it outloud

Thumbs up I you tried to say it

if the ring was around his penis, he would have the poster child pencil dick, unless the chick has incredibly fat fingers

what happened to no strings attached?

I wonder what ring size you

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number 60 ur stupid

81 ur a fucking faggot for putting that pic for your fml profile....

#81 when calling one stupid it is often a good idea to spell your words out fully, just an idea though.

He's stupid because he can't spell, 'your.' Dumbass.

Actually it should have been 'you're'...

Guys you are all pretty!

Uhm thank you..? I did my hair differently today I guess...

81 i love how youre in a towell...

It's gonna be one hell of a story for the grandkids

Actually 81's "your" was correct. You're means you are. Doesnt make sense there..

Um well I guess that's one way of being romantic :) lol

Or totally not romantic at all...

... Munch munch munch chew chew chew. And SWALLOW!! That's probably what was also in the proposal...

That's one hell of a story to tell your family.

Its the OP!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^^

it isnt the op her page thingy says 0 posted out of 0

Calm down, 168..

148- but what we all want to know is.. Did you say yes?

Now when he bitches out and his friends say you've got his nuts in your purse, you can go "Nope, I've got them on a string."

Haha, romantic.

At least it wasn't in public, or at least I'm assuming so

well its definately original :)

I hope you hung on in there and made it through the proposal

What was the string for? You just have to use your mouth to get it! :D

Does a ring fit around your penis?

What size ring are we talking about?

Did he put the ring on you?

+100 for creativity.

Im gunna do this when im older xD

If it offends you, you could always try shoving the ring on his junk. (Unless you have freakishly huge fingers, then this probably won't work.) Although you could just say no and tell him he needs to find something more romantic. (I personally prefer the latter)

I like your picture :D


Well, to be fair, posting it on FML sends the message that you didn't like it. So these sort of responses are expected. Note that it's written as a conditional, so it only applies "if it offends you." But congratulations on your engagement.

Well this is awkward, ops dont usually post... Congratulations on the engagement though :)

well that seems, um, nice

#111 you took the words right out of my mouth.... Edit: this was for the comment above. Idk why it posted here sorry!