By MY CAR - 15/11/2011 04:51 - United States

Today, an asshat in a Foghorn Leghorn t-shirt let his piece-of-crap mongrel dog do some sort of rain dance on the roof of my car, scratching the paintwork. He was a huge guy, so my backbone left town and I just smiled as if it was cute. FML
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A dog doing a rain dance? Please tell me you recorded this and uploaded it to YouTube.

Lasso that back bone back in and stage a tap dance on his face. With cleats.


Dang. I'm sorry OP.

Yes u are. And so is ur comment. And so is op for letting the dog make the car his bitch haha get it? . Wimp with car>asshat with dog

Are you the asshat?

7 is a asshat

bfsd42 20

Serious fail op. Figure out where your balls are and work from there. Definite ydi for being a wuss. And anyone who says otherwise is either a sympathetic female ( in which case, bless your soul) , or another loser, ydi.

I really hate these "I'm sorry OP." commenters.

m0tl3ycru3 0

They're thoughtless, meaningless comments that take up valuable commenting space

btnhdude 0

*sniff sniff I think I smell a new episode of Bully Beatdown!

Look at the jealous comments about not being first!

That dog and his owner are high.

Why are most of the commenters such pussies? Speak your fucking mind. Saying sorry doesn't add anything to the actual FML. Being empathetic to their blight would get you anywhere, it's the Internet dumbass. Are we not here to ridicule and poke fun at the OP??

18 or OP could, you know, figure out where the asshat's balls are, get a plank with a nail, and, you know...

I said, I said, if you can't keep a tiny dawg off duh roof of yo cawr, how are you gunna keep a bull out of you life op my boy! I says if you toughen up a bit boy, you knock down any, I said any, foe! Hear me boy? Hush hush, you talk too much! Of course you heard me!

tjv3 10

figures you wouldn't stand up for yourself . I hear that when you live in California they make spine removal mandatory

I don't see what is wrong with apologizing. I didn't know how to reply to such a random FML. So how is this then, 'OP, grab a baseball bat and chase they guy away. Grow some balls!!'

Melvar for FML impersonation guru. GET ON THAT BADGE,!

A dog doing a rain dance? Please tell me you recorded this and uploaded it to YouTube.

m0tl3ycru3 0

You tube gold!

This is one of those times when FML needs a "WTF" button. Or better yet, a "WTFMFF" button (What the fucking mother fucking fuck?)

bizarre_ftw 21

2 + 34 My thoughts in a nutshell! Also, op, if you did record it then send it to AFV and see if it wins anything, maybe that way you can pay off the new paint job and piss off the big scary guy (from a safe distance) that sees his dog winning you a shit load of cash Win win ^_^ You know... Except for the raindancing dog and its asshat owner :/ but hey! You'll have cash! Maybe you could send them a thank you card.

StopDropNRoll 11

A thank you card with his address on it? Idk about that one

I was kind of thinking that maybe OP was the high one....and in all actuality he was laying on the ground or something and saw someone walking their dog past his line of sight. just a theory. and no judgments...tripping balls is amazing, yet confusing. Sometimes enlightening...not always though. Don't do drugs, kids.

Yeah, op left out the crucial detail. This FML left me needing more information

You're just a coward.

No, he's thinking ahead.. That asshole could really hurt him.

Yea what pussy

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Personally I value my life and health over my car...


I think the op could have at least tried to speak to the owner instead of just letting him think your ok with it. As the saying goes p*ssies dont get p*ssy

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Coming from the person with a phineas and ferb picture

trolololololol92 0

Coming from the person with a phineas and ferb picture

Lasso that back bone back in and stage a tap dance on his face. With cleats.

I would have bit him with my hand. Then kick him in the nuts so hard his dog would feel it, then punch his throat once he's down to ur size.

How specific.

Everybody is an MMA fighter on the Internet. I would have shot him with my hand cannon like megaman.

25-For the record, how do you bite someone with your hand?

Wow u have to be the first person not to look at my picture and asked why my hand has a mouth on it.

Could it not do the rain dance on the ground...?

The_Troller 14

The real question is, why was it dancing at all!?

Obviously, for precipitation and a good harvest.

Should have at least smiled and called police from your locked car.

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...Behind your glass windows??

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Asshat indeed.

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And grow a pair man, smiling only makes it seem like it was okay. Which it wasn't.

AlaskaKid95 7

The way I read this nothing made sense. /:

same, I'm still confuzzled a bit

Long story short, there was a huge dude and huge dude let his mongrel dance on the roof of OP's car and ruining his paintwork and OP doesn't have the guts to tell the huge dude to get his mongrel off his car. Get it?

AlaskaKid95 7

Ah, I get it now.

tweetypie 18

Why is the dog dancing on the car?

What the fuck is a "foghorn leghorn"?

It's that chicken thing from looney tunes

jalapeno64 10

You should have keyed his car for revenge