By Zx6r - 14/09/2011 16:42 - United States

Today, my parents came to my house for my birthday. My mom backed her car into my motorcycle, knocking it over. She said because it was my birthday I could pay for the damages to her car later. FML
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Zx6r tells us more.

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It only slid down my driveway messed up the paint and clutch cover. Happy birthday to me

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Um, don't pay it? O_o And to go the extra mile make her pay for your bike. Or at least help :l


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awe, that's cute. i bet you're going to get her the best birthday present next year. ;)

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Don't leave your bike out again or else you will be grounded mister!

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Nice motorcycle. Dream is a zx6r!

After she said that you should have responded with "well... Because we're family, you can pay for damages to my motorcycle later". Or just don't pay :)

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lol take wats left of your motorcycle and ghost ride into you moms car.. eye for an eye lol

Take her insurance information, since she's at fault.

**** she did you a favor get a real bike. 600s are for bearded clams. Liter bikes.

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Dude got rid of my zx10r last year no need for two bikes plus you can't stunt very well on a 1000, way to torquey

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She messed up the 636!!!??!? Aw hell na

How do people manage to have horrible parents that are still alive? They should be hated enough to be killed/shot by now.

How do you manage to ask a question like that?

op's mom's a bitch! she's a big fat bitch! she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world! she's a stupid bitch! if there ever was a bitch! she's a bitch to all the boys and girls!

Um, don't pay it? O_o And to go the extra mile make her pay for your bike. Or at least help :l

Ask your creepy neighbor Steve to give a witnesses account.

You mean crazy steve? Uhh im not sure he'll vouch for you.

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Can I have you wish me happy birthday on my birthday cuz ur hot

Has she thought about the damage to the motorcycle too, and your mom is a bitch. Break her windshield with a bat and say "assuming you got your taxes back, you can pay for damages to your windshield".

Or how about this: Smash her windshield with a bat and say, "I'll pay for the damage to your car when you pay the damage to my baseball bat."

Return the favor on her birthday, it's only the nice thing to do.

Since it's YOUR birthday, SHE can pay for the damages.

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I'm pretty sure that was OP's point

Forget the fact that it was OP's birthday. SHE crashed into HIS motorcycle in HIS driveway, and she expects him to pay? Da ****?

Brilliant comment there, "big dick" brain...

You can always ask for money for your birthday, instead of presents :D