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Today, my manager told me to throw out some of the old toys at the daycare we work at. I can't because I've seen Toy Story 3, and thinking about them in a dump makes me cry. I'm 28. FML
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mikejunior88 4

throw them in the trash. don't worry, they will escape and find a new kid.

that's not stupid at all.....just very sad


that's not stupid at all.....just very sad

Hopefully you learn to grow up and make grown up decisions. Take the toys to goodwill.

I would feel the same way.. for ***** sake you can't do that to buzz

Lol! Op my friends just like that! except he's going into teaching lil kids so i guess it's an exception for him to keep then x)

i feel exactly the same. when i have kids, i will make sure they never watch toy story, so they can throw out their toys without feeling bad. im twenty and i cant throw out toys either :(

78 u are a hypocrite, just look at his profile picture. GROW UP!!!!

Maybelline008 10

Rap is the best music genre?? hahaha, grow up, Brian.

katieebug 0

Donate them to goodwill or childrens' hospitals! :) You should know that's the solution after watching Toy Story 3 lol.

151 LOL I laughed! I think people who mix rap and metal are just trying to be posers :

i cant thow away my toys. barbies are my only exception but techniclly using barbies for target practice really isnt throwing them away ;)

true dat don't throw them away just take them home with u it's smart no one said u can't.


that's a L E G I T reason! rep that toy story priddeeee

#78... The hell is wrong with your neck?

he is clumped up so it looks weird and I didnt under stand 1 thing 185 said

you look funny I think it's the way your head is tilted in your picture.

flooger101 6

165 it's not them being a poser but starting something THEY like it's called being original and different. Get it right. U shouldn't be so judgmental!

makenna2011 6

That's why you're a stupid butch with red hair. I also meant bitch.

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Tell her how you really feel, no need to sugar coat it. :p

flickyourbic1223 7

Kristina I havent seen any comment from Marinus that you HAVEN'T replied to. Obsessive much?

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Get that sand out of your ******, Marinus.

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Why don't you turn around in your picture marinus that way everyone can see what an ugly **** you are?

A7X_LoVeee 10

Oh give me a ******* break 86. Just the other day you ragged on another poster's appearance.

mikejunior88 4

throw them in the trash. don't worry, they will escape and find a new kid.

That is a perfectly good reason to cry. nothing wrong with that.

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he only says that's a reasonable reason to cry cuz his ass is charlie sheen

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you're a child at heart. endure it.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Why not donate them instead? They'll receive "loving homes", they'll make some underprivileged children happy, your conscience will be more than clear, and the donation might even yield a tax deduction for you or the daycare you work for. It's a favorable situation for all parties involved.

Agreed. Donate them. Womens shelters need toys all the time.

kingtz 6

I concur. Unless they're absolutely soiled or broken beyond repair, just donate them.

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, I like how you pointed out the tax deduction in all that, being that is a crucial point on that subject in all......

cldean24 4

74, she probably pointed it out because a lot of people won't do a good deed unless they get something in return.

xtacticalswarmx 0 look evil. But in a good way! xD

Have you seen Toy Story 3? Donation is almost as bad as the dump! I haven't thrown away a toy since the first movie, lol. We all have our little quirks.

Mr_Darkside 5

i agree! give them to a friend of yours who has a child! that's kinda what happened at the end of the movie and they were happy! :) if it makes u feel better I went to see it with my 5 year old cousin and I was the one crying xD

46- I want your puppy :) and don't donate, they'd be better off in the you know how fun it is!?? donation might take them to an evil preschool ...give them to your neighbor so they can always come visit!

awwww... donate them cause if you don't they might come back to haunt you!

persianjr1 7

*starts dramatic music in background*