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i feel exactly the same. when i have kids, i will make sure they never watch toy story, so they can throw out their toys without feeling bad. im twenty and i cant throw out toys either :(

  flooger101  |  6

165 it's not them being a poser but starting something THEY like it's called being original and different. Get it right. U shouldn't be so judgmental!

By  Daerauko  |  0

I have to agree with your name

  cldean24  |  4

Get that sand out of your vagina, Marinus.

By  TheCountess  |  4

Why not donate them instead? They'll receive "loving homes", they'll make some underprivileged children happy, your conscience will be more than clear, and the donation might even yield a tax deduction for you or the daycare you work for. It's a favorable situation for all parties involved.

  cldean24  |  4

74, she probably pointed it out because a lot of people won't do a good deed unless they get something in return.

  Mr_Darkside  |  5

i agree! give them to a friend of yours who has a child! that's kinda what happened at the end of the movie and they were happy! :) if it makes u feel better I went to see it with my 5 year old cousin and I was the one crying xD

  BayBeezy  |  0

46- I want your puppy :)

and don't donate, they'd be better off in the you know how fun it is!?? donation might take them to an evil preschool ...give them to your neighbor so they can always come visit!