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Today, I was at a swim meet, swimming as hard as I'd ever swum before. During the last lap I saw no one in the lanes next to me. Thinking I was first, I became extremely excited. When I came to the wall, I realized the reason no one else was around: They already finished the race. I was last. FML
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  diaosi  |  4

The hardest he has ever swam in his life but got last place, and you think he will do better next time? I'm sorry but that sounds pretty unlikely. I think OP should pick a new sport, like chess or checkers maybe.


EDIT: Actually, I just checked a couple of legitimate English language sites, and apparently both are considered correct. They're both the past participle for "swim".

So we're all correct.

  perdix  |  29

The simple past of "swim" is "swam" and the past participle is "swum."

"Swam" is correct in this context.

  perdix  |  29

#40, you are right. As the sentence appears now, "swam" is correct. If "had" had been there, then "swum" would be right. I wish the zods would make a note when a story is edited for spelling or grammar.