The ole paper cut excuse

By alliwantisabandaid - 11/02/2011 08:27

Today, I cut my finger deep on an envelope at work and started bleeding profusely. When I asked my co-worker for a band-aid, she told me to get back to work and stop making up excuses to try and hit on her. FML
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What a self-absorbed bitch. Sorry to hear OP

Awww did someone get a paper cut? Just kidding, those things hurt.


Awww did someone get a paper cut? Just kidding, those things hurt.

Try gettin them in between your fingers!!!

aww paper cut, ydi for saying profusely. I'm sure you were dripping with blood. however fyl for the bitch reaction you got

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Uh... 27, dude, paper cuts bleed profusely. They do. OP's co-worker sounds like an egotistical bitch.

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You should have wiped your blood on her desk/work area.

I bet OP looked crazy, smearing his blood all over his phone/keyboard, trying to type in this fml...

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I bet this resulted in op cutting himself more when he got home.

I got a cardboard cut once. had to get 48 stitches and lost 3 fingers.

that's nothing. back in my day we didn't get a bandaid unless we lost our whole hand. even then we'd have to go back to edge-testing the cardboard on our own flesh within the half hour.

What a self-absorbed bitch. Sorry to hear OP

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agree. bloody bitch needs a mirror.

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Or OP has used lame excuses to flirt with her in the past. OP didn't ask all the co-workers generally, seek a first aid kit, report his serious on-the-job injury to his boss, etc. Asking her for a plaster may have been an attempt to foster sympathy.

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She probably said that for a reason. Are you known in the office as a creeper?

you should go bleed all over her paperwork, that will show her.

I would had wiped my bloody finger on her face and asked someone who isn't a complete bitch for a band-aid.