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  perdix  |  29

How do you know this? The OP could be a useless bitch for all we know. Don't just automatically take her side just because she's achieved something most of us mere mortals can't: getting an FML published.

Btw, I don't think she's trolling for a pity fuck from you;)


55, Karma [supposedly] happens after you do something bad, and it's not real. I broke my leg three times, first time in fourth grade. I don't think I did anything to deserve it, lmao.

By  TimysterGates  |  15

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  Shrike  |  22

ROFL. You're 20. Live a little and get away from the assmunches you hang out with, then come back when you're not a douchebag and when you have some experience of real men, derptard.

  Jaxx66  |  21

I'd like to just point out the fact that both men and women cheat. It's about equal. Men just 'look' at more women... .but the cheating scale is even.

(Not in any way saying cheating is good, or accepted)

  farhil  |  14

I'd say more men cheat on women than women cheat on men. Mainly because girls tend to date douchebags. Nice guys are less likely to date someone in the first place, much less cheat on them

  cnkk07  |  8

#29, trying to picture you, a banana, dressed up as a "stupid asshole" isn't looking very pleasant for me right now.

So before you start typing in immature, sexist remarks, make sure the words "hurt and asshole" are not in the same comment next to a picture of a banana.

  iBanana  |  17

I am entitled to my own opinion and my opinion is that most relationships DO have a cheating partner. NOT all, most. If you disagree then feel free to criticize my comment, but once you start bringing in personality it obviously shows the level of maturity your on because of your need to start drama on the Internet.

  illmatic2  |  16

"my opinion is that most relationships DO have a cheating partner."

That isn't something that can be an opinion. It's either true or not. And that statement is wrong, unless you can somehow prove otherwise. But I doubt it.

  cnkk07  |  8

Hey Istupid! You're right, you are entitled to your own opinion. I mean, I love bananas. No wait, I hate bananas. But that's my opinion. Right now my level of maturity must be extremely low seeing as though I am commenting back to you. Also, it's funny how your statement went from "most men cheat" to "all relationships DO have a cheating partner" after being owned by several FMLers.


it's funny, the only reason you said your stupid comment was because its over the internet. and apparently, he must have liked her enough to spend 5 years with her? so stop being a tool and be somebody.

  SeedlessMe  |  13

Hmm, I think it would've only saved him from the painful break up.. She still remembers & has to go through the sucky part! It doesn't seem like it would've been too painful for him anyway, considering he was cheating..

By  1215116a  |  14

Give him another concussion.