By sillystring - / Tuesday 13 October 2009 10:09 / China
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It's true. Anything can upset them. OP shouldn't feel guilty. It wasn't on purpose and the kids are okay. Maybe a little scraped or cut but I'm sure they're okay.

By  Amkii

3 year-olds! Really?! They ride bikes?! My god, my cousin once-removed is very behind on her development... she's just mastering walking without falling! Well, she's only 2, but still! I doubt that in a year she would be riding a bike.

Did you flail around like you were on fire or something? How do you knock people off bikes because you're blind? And I doubt 3-year-olds are riding bikes.

Today i was widing my bike wen this big man wan up to me and fired his lazer at me and ten i fell off my bike and i pee peed from my eyes

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