By Anonymous - 10/11/2011 17:07 - Ireland

Today, I stepped in a pile of dog shit. While trying to get it off by wiping my foot on the grass, I stepped in another pile. FML
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That's a shitty situation... I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

You can always resist. Mostly because it isn't funny anymore. At least try to be more original if you're going to make a shit joke.

WeAreAHurricane 14

The dog wasn't done...and neither were you

Sounds like a... takes off glasses SHITTY SITUATION, YEAHHHHHHHHH

Sounds like a... takes off glasses SHITTY SITUATION, YEAHHHHHHHHH

Sounds like *takes glasses, breaks them, and shoved them up your ass* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH

This was just a thread of shitty puns.

bluekid7 5

Looks like the shit's on the other foot

HetaliaFreak 10
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Could you guys cut this shit out?... Aw shit.

Yea, these puns are starting stink. I'm tired of this shit, and all this crap better stop

Urine; because "shit" is getting played out.

13FTW 9

The next asshole that makes one of those shitastic puns should have his mind wiped. Poop.

SirObvious 1

I don't see why urine to this shit.

All these shit puns made me poop my pants.... I'm gonna go wipe now.

evilteddybear 0

Take off your shoe and burn it on someones doorstep;)

No, OP just has shitty awareness of his surroundings.

Yeah, when you keep doing the same dumb shit over and over, it isn't luck. No pun intended.

m0tl3ycru3 0

I don't understand why people let their dogs shit wherever they want then not clean it up.

That0therguy 4

This is the part where I chew you out for making a shitty pun.

You know, accidentally stepping on shit brings you good luck , and you just got doubled .

Accidentally stepping on shit makes you angry and smelly...x2 in OP's case

Icecream93 4

Is that what your mom told you when you stepped in crap all the time?

dompa2011 0

Haha get out of that lawn before the shit hits the fan!!