By ToInsecure4me - 10/11/2011 19:20 - United States

Today, I had to stay late at work. My husband made me take a video of myself punching out, to prove I wasn't cheating on him. FML
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does he have reason to believe you are cheating?

perdix 29

He's just stalling so he can get rid of his girlfriend before you get home. It's usually guilty people who are the most suspicious of their spouses.


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Atleast that's the First time...I hope.

Damn_Hippster 11

Instead of punching out, you should punch your husband!

does he have reason to believe you are cheating?

Maybe his previous partner cheated on him?

brrarm 17

Sorry for the trust issues. But also People usually suspect others in what they are themselves capable of or are doing. Be careful He might be cheating on you :(

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perdix 29

He's just stalling so he can get rid of his girlfriend before you get home. It's usually guilty people who are the most suspicious of their spouses.

Damn_Hippster 11

Instead of punching out, you should punch your husband!

amanda_say_whutt 9

Maybe he has a time clock fetish. There are weird people out there...

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Insecurity kills.... Relationships

Your comment was much better than perdix' I don't know why you aren't getting much attention 85.

Now, 154, is the time where you stop questioning perdix. By the way, OP, there is no reason to stay in a relationship with a partner that does not, and probably will never, trust you. Good luck.

Not only is he insecure, he is also an idiot!! What!!?? Op can only have an affair outside of her work?? Maybe op is getting it on with her boss. A little "overtime"! ;)

This sounds like something my obsessive ex would make me do.

@154- Perdix and DocBastard are "brand name" commenters. That's why... They earned their fan base

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Now make one of you punching him out =]

On my first read, I thought the husband wanted a video of his wife punching herself out, and I immediately imagined seeing it on video. Aww yeah. |the kid|

k010sweetygurl 5

U might as well get a divorce

Or go the extra mile to prove to her husband she isn't a cheater. Not every relationship problem needs to result in divorce.

Not every relationship problem is solved by breaking up. It's called communication. I wonder how your future relationships will turn out.

You CAN'T prove a negative to people like that. And they don't change. They just get worse. OP's life will keep getting worse for the next 80 years. She can get out now or live in hell for the next 70 years. Seems mean of you to wish suffering on her.

Every time someone posts that they are having troubles with their partners there are always replies saying to just break up. Why is that the response to everything?

Disturbedrox - it's because the majority of people that say that are immature kids who have no idea what it takes to have a real adult relationship. All marriages have difficulties, and the key to a strong long-term relationship is COMMUNICATION.

You assume that half the people on this site actually practice common sense or some sort of realistic view of life as it is.

Divorce should be the last resort. However, there are some things that make that decision easier (e.g., inability to communicate, lingering trust issues, abuse, etc.). Once you've exhausted your other options, then pressing the "big red button" on the relationship is a viable option. Not everything is meant to be, despite our insistence to the contrary. |the kid|

67 your comment has confused me, first you said something stupid involving 80 years of OP's life, THEN, you say 70 years, so what is it? 70 or 80?

Today, I discovered that FML has been over-populated with over-opinionated brats that have never been married but think they can give advice; like divorce. FML.

Penguin, you are speaking out of your rear, friend. Speak for yourself alone. Not all are alike yourself, nor anyone you may know to so boldly state something as if it very well were factual.

89- There are three very important pieces needed for a successful relationship. You got the first one, communication. The other two are trust and respect. Without mutual trust and respect, no amount of communication will save that train. Eventually it will jump the rails and take multiple innocent people with it.

stacianichole 2

I think OP's husband's behavior is a bit controlling and unhealthy WHICH would warrant counseling but if he were to refuse, I'm sorry, but this stuff doesn't change for the better on its own.

KiddNYC1O 20

Forget trust issues. Abusive relationship issues.

I think it's more ridiculous he thought he would even catch OP that way, she's the one handing him the footage!

Trust me. End it now because it will never stop. Been there and divorced him. Constant accusations wore me out.

^ you're absolutely right. And for the people who didn't get my comment, 'cause obviously some people didn't, OP is in an abusive relationship, and it has gotten so bad that he is able to manipulate and hurt her without actually being there. Trust issues are one thing, making her punch herself out to "prove" that she's faithful is another.

I re read the FML and wasn't able to edit my comment. NEVER MIND. Her husband is a paranoid jackass, but not an abusive paranoid jackass.

Ah, trust. I can tell your relationship is going well. He might be cheating on YOU, so be careful.

kodinbug 2

Totally agree. It seems that when someone has that extreme of a trust issue in a relationship it's because they themselves are cheating or not being faithful.

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He has a weird way of showing that he cares.

Well, he does care. Not for her, but for himself. He wants to see the footage to quell his own suspicions. This has nothing to do with OP's security/safety while staying late. If he cared about that he would call/have her call just before leaving to make sure she was alright.

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Ugh driving all the way back to the office just to fake it... but Ricardo's worth it. ;p

flockz 19

what the ****?!?!? HE TOLD ME HIS NAME WAS JAVIER!!

leadman1989 15

He lied to you... and called you a retarded bear! I didn't know what that meant until now. His name is Ricardo huge o dicko prona mustacia!

Garcia. It's Ricardo Huge O Dicko Prona Mustacia Garcia. Doesn't that just roll right off your tongue?

flockz 19

NO IT'S NOT!! his name is javier longa shlonga martinez perez. don't you dare touch him!! HE'S MINE!!

13FTW 9
kickazz16 15

Ohhh chicas iz okaiii Ricardo shclono shlongo dickinson bob hasss enoughhh to goo arounnndddd :)

Strafeh 9

His name was Dixie... Dixie Normous

He told me his name was "Big Dick McGee"

Both YDI and FYL... the actual FML sucks. But there's probably a reason to believe your cheating.

Some people are just paranoid. It's not necessarily ops fault. People who have cheated are often paranoid about their partner doing the same. Or maybe his previous partner cheated on him, you never know.

True. I did not think of it like that. But also, if you're going to be so worried about particular things like this, why even have a partner? You would think that since OP said "Husband" they would have trust in each other in the first place.