By nekkidness - 21/11/2012 21:06 - United States - Carthage

Today, my friends and I were playing truth or dare game. It was late and we were drunk, so they dared me to run naked into my neighbor's yard while yelling, "Help! The pixies took my penis!" I ran screaming right into their big family reunion. FML
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Did you get your penis back?


lmao. this made me laugh.

Your comment made me cry.

Your comment gave me cancer.

Such inspirational comments they are.

I like turtles.

A you deserved it if I ever saw one.

65- I like trains

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#65 - Stop trying.

79 - Ok, I'm sorry.

I like turtles too. Turtle Buddies:3

This is going straight to the favorites.

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Favorites and facebook! This is epic!

Did you get your penis back?

Probably not. And they probably said "yeah we can tell, there's nothing there." Haha.

Damn, respect it takes balls to do that.

Or alcohol... Lots of alcohol...

But he has no balls, the pixies took them too!

Please do not mistake stupidity for courage and gumption.

It doesn't take balls to do that. It takes alcohol. It would take balls if he wasn't drink. Don't mistake courage with being drunk. They are completely different.

Give him some shrooms and OP's dare becomes reality.

Everyone has balls when there drunk

Tell them you're joining the reunion unless they give it back

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Im sure that will make things less awkward. *sarcasm*

Lol wow seriously, you totally deserved every bit of that embarrassment lol, YDI

well, it will make a great story for the relatives who couldn't make it.

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..... What are your family reunions like? :/

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He was referencing the S&M fml right after this one.

That still has no connection to this FML and the attempt to connect the 2 was just trying to hard and was ultimately unfunny and failed. No big deal though, happens to everyone.

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42- too* hard

^ that's what pleonasm's S&M-loving relatives said :L

Wow first time I've seen pleonasm thumbed down into oblivion..

Today, I finally held a family reunion and got to see friends for the first time in years. Then some jackass from next door ran onto my property, naked and drunk, yelling, embarrassing everyone and scaring my elderly mother and the children because he thought it would 'be a laugh'. FML

well that's definitely a family reunion they won't forget