By ringrash - United States - Pittsburgh
Today, I finally went to the doctor's office to have a small patch of acne on my stomach looked at. Since it was in an almost perfect circle and abnormally sensitive, I was worried it could be ringworm or some other sort of skin infection. It turned out to be an infection alright. Herpes. FML
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

@43 it can cause all kinds of lasting harm! It can kill infants and anyone with an autoimmune disease. If it gets in your eyes you can go blind. . . the list goes on. One in three people have it or carry it and most dont ever know.

  Vlen_fml  |  20

there are a ton of different strains of the herpes virus, most of them are just a minor annoyance like cold sores or chicken pox unless they get somewhere they generally aren't supposed to be able to get to.

  scarred_foreva  |  40

It's an odd one, because most people who get this form of herpes get it through contact sports like wrestling, so it's not really an STD. Assuming it is Herpes gladiatorum that OP has.

  ptoka  |  20

Given the circle bit I'm guessing Herpes Zoster (chicken pox)... OP has shingles, I got them around my shoulder when I was 21.. Isn't the most fun. Hope you caught it early OP

  snarkytruth  |  37

Having it forever is pretty life changing!
Having to tell all future partners about it and knowing a lot will reject them for it is pretty life changing!
When any stress can cause an outbreak that's pretty life changing!
It can easily spread to eyes mouth or genitalia if not very careful um that's pretty life changing!
Having to take medicine for every outbreak for the rest of their life, insurance rates going up and from now on having a pre existing condition that's pretty life changing!

People can be nasty and spread rumors true or otherwise hurting OPs reputation and self esteem that can possibly be life changing!

Treatable but not curable- that's some scary stuff.
That's an official FYL if I ever heard one.
Hope it was herpes zoster OP it's still very painful and dangerous as an adult but better than the herpes we normally think of. Sorry you gotta deal with that it must suck.