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By  Charlie Given  |  23

Try using what is called a memory board ,it's a chalk or dry erase board placed someplace easily seen like on the fridge and you write any important events, issues or whatever on there so that the person with the memory problems can be reminded of what they need to remember 😊

By  Giovanni Adamo  |  16

talk to her and remember the good moments together and trigger the happy moments and all it will make it come back but do it slowly and be patient she ll appreciate it more. tell her to have a talk and you 'll see it 'll work out! good luck!

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP you have my sympathy on this one. My girlfriend who became my wife has memory issues. Her issue is also medical because of a stroke she had in her 20’s. In my wife’s case if she is stressed, it gets worse. If you are like me it can be painful re-experiencing uncomfortably memories - Such as having to explain again and again things like why my previous marriage ended in the beginning of our relationship.

My wife has been dealing with this a long time and has her coping mechanisms. She is very organized and keeps a calendar on her desk and in her purse of all her plans and appointments. She is a bit inflexible on that at times, but I understand it’s part of how she copes. I trust that your girlfriend with the memory issues sees a neurologist regularly.

It is possible to love, live with, and marry a person with memory issues. But it’s not easy for either of you. You will have to decide if the relationship can survive these issues. The only other thing I can say is, just because your partner or spouse is forgetful, do not count on them forgetting things you would rather they forget. It does not usually work like that.