By Stinkipinkki - United States - Austin
  Today, as I was walking downstairs to get breakfast, I saw my parents had decided to have a quickie on the couch. I had to awkwardly stand out of sight on the stairs, too scared to go down, or even back up, because our stairs creak. FML
Stinkipinkki tells us more :
Hey everyone! I loved reading your comments. The good, the bad, and even the ugly. Let me just clear up that it was my moms birthday, so I came down early to wake her up with breakfast. I wasn't coming down to listen like a pervert. I am very glad my parents are still fond of each other but I experienced just a tad too much of this fondness. I know realize that I could of walked back up and try not to squeak on the stairs, but come on. I wasn't really thinking at that point, mostly freaking out! Thanks everyone and no I didn't have my camera to save the picture as blackmail ;)
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  cmayer  |  20

Exactly 41!!! You don't have sex anywhere, anytime you want in a house with other people in it. Especially not with your own children home and walking around.

  addioty  |  19

42, no they don't you stupid paperclip. If they decide to have children then they make the decision to be responsible and responsible is NOT having sex in an open room around the time their child wakes up. They have a bedroom, they can go be nasty there. While I agree taking photos of them is beyond disgusting, I disagree with about everything else you said.

  jasmine2301  |  25

*adds paperclip to insult list*

  Cazz91  |  21

52, I disagree with one part of your response. OP may be an adult living with their parents and not a kid. Regardless on age factor, nobody wants to see their parents have sex unless you're sick minded. However, it may not be the case of OP's parents being entirely irresponsible by choosing to have quick sex around the time knowing that OP will be waking up soon. Perhaps OP is known to sleep in later and the parents thought because OP wasn't going to be up for a while yet, that may be why they chose to have a quickie on the couch. They could have been mindful and responsible about the approach the entire time but it back fired when OP woke up earlier than usual. They also could have done exactly what you suggested and really are a pair of irresponsible paperclips. :P Lol, I love that insult.

  GEFStryker  |  28

69 thumbs up. I want to show my appreciation for your comment, but I don't want to change the number. More stressing then deciding whether to sell a stock or hold it.


I don't understand why anyone would worry about someone's comment having 69 votes one way or the other. I mean, SOMEone is going to screw up the humor for the rest of us, be it intentional or otherwise. Personally, I can't imagine anything else but Beavis and Butthead hurr-hurring at something so trivial. It's only math, after all.

But Pleonasm's got 107 upvotes, now. Don't bother trying to keep comment votes a certain number. It's no more than an attempt in futility.

By  3051628  |  24

That's just... Traumatizing. You probably made the best call though OP, I'm sure I would have done the same if I was in your shoes. I'm terribly sorry you had to go through that.