By FuckedByLife - 12/02/2017 19:00 - United Kingdom - Bridgend

Today, I discovered that my boyfriend of two years was cheating on me. How? His other girlfriend crashed her car into mine and had him pick her up. FML
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That shit is crazy

AirBusDriver 23

Must be a small town?


That shit is crazy

I'm new to this. I accidentally flagged on Of your comments. Sorry. I did let FML Know.

AirBusDriver 23

Must be a small town?

He can pick both of y'all up!!

Wow that's so shitty luck OP. Your ex is an asshat

Did you get rear-ended or T-boned? What happened in the crash?

1 vagina wasn't good enough for him?

Not enough for most men, biologically speaking. expecting a lifetime of sexual exclusivity is silly imo, and I don't know why people do it.

jnugzzz 6


Her post: Today, I ran into my boyfriend's girlfriend. Literally.

aredvulpix 23

To be fair, her car also got crashed

Did she know about you? Did she crash into your car on purpose, or was this a really freaky occurrence?

nonsensical 26

What I'm wondering is did you tell him about the accident and asked if he could pick you up too?