By Anonymous - 09/10/2011 00:24 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 6 months started a bitter fight with me. The cause was me repeatedly refusing to dye my hair the way his beloved ex did. FML
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Senior29 8

tell him to grow his dick to the size of ur ex ;)

Sounds like you're dating a bright individual.


Sounds like you're dating a bright individual.

enonymous 8

Dying your toe hair isn't so bad... Maybe when they flap in the wind it will be less noticeable

This BF is a bitch in my opinion. Never ask a girl to look like your ex. It's asking for a bitchsmackin'.

26, it's asking for a dumping. The guy obviously can't get over his ex; that's just a bad sign OP.

pandacruisn30 3

I totally agree. I would not change yourself to look like an ex at all cost. He must still love her. I know I might be doing wrong by talking about my ex but I am not forcing my current boyfriend to look like the ex only give me some action like the ex did.

Well at least we know who wears the pants

Exactly. Also, "beloved ex"? Are you really that stupid that you haven't broken up with this idiot?

hes not over her....sadly your a rebound at the moment

amandajlucas2015 2

Get a new bf who likes u for u n doesn't try to make u someone else

zellybo15 0

you should shave his eyebrows off like I saw on a different FML

Obviously he's not over her. Dating someone who likes someone else isn't really going to work out.

And in a way you'd just be using the person you're currently dating to get over your ex. That also isn't fair to the person you're using.

SirEBC 7

I hope he was the OP of the story above this one.

orph_the_d 5

YDI for staying with a guy who obviously has no interest in you.