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"My girlfriend decided to get a new haircut." It was OP's girlfriend's decision, not his. It sounds like she just doesn't want to accept that it was her fault, and shifted the blame onto OP

  fksfsdhfsdfh  |  26

You cant blame everything on your period!

  wlddog  |  14

This should be a big red flag for OP. Who wants to even hang out with someone that cant face reality, much less get married to one and spend the rest of your life with that??

  fml121785  |  14

Sometime a new, different haircut can be a real shock to a girl, especially if they've never cut it more than an inch or two before and it's a drastic change. Just tell her how good it looks and give it some time to settle in and she'll probably end up liking it and apologizing hopefully!

...If not, than you're just dating a self centered bitch I guess. FYL OP!

  jelly713  |  19

I'd offer to help her wig shop or get extensions too. Then tell her to dye part of the extensions any color she ever wanted but never got & it won't damage her real hair. If she's still a bitch after all this then leave her alone. Don't even bother with her self centered self.