By Nogood - 10/03/2013 09:09 - Australia - Wahroonga

Today, my girlfriend decided to get a new haircut. Now, she hates the haircut and blames me for, in her words, "turning me into something I'm not". FML
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Hair is like herpes - it always grows back whether you like it or not.

Seems like you have to change your nickname, #1.


Well if this is true you shouldn't make your girlfriend change. Period.

"My girlfriend decided to get a new haircut." It was OP's girlfriend's decision, not his. It sounds like she just doesn't want to accept that it was her fault, and shifted the blame onto OP

Seems like you have to change your nickname, #1.

fksfsdhfsdfh 26

You cant blame everything on your period!

Well you could Turn her into something shes not - a doggy. Get the hint? ;-)

Hair is like herpes - it always grows back whether you like it or not.

But isn't there two people "cured" the old guy and the little kid?

14- not EVERY small child and elderly person is bald...

I meant the herpes not the hair.. He is comparing the two.

Doc, are you talking from personal experience? Maybe Noor...

Lets go with hair is like genital warts no matter how many times you cut is off it always grows back ;)

If you suffer from severe burns, your hair might not grow back.

AtomicMushroom - Yes, I'm speaking from experience. My hair has always grown back.

You should probably leave Britney alone.

He's Australian. More like Miley, Liam? (O_O)

I though women always want to look like something they're not.

Not completely. Some girls look like ducks.

Your name is asleepingbear but you have an alien picture? Witchcraft?

Guess you have to stay out of her head cause subliminally it is your fault. You can't win this one.

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This should be a big red flag for OP. Who wants to even hang out with someone that cant face reality, much less get married to one and spend the rest of your life with that??

Wtf. Why can no one take responsibility for their own decisions and actions? You're better off without her. Everything will be your fault forever.

If she believes that a haircut "changes" her in any way than I don't believe she's worth your time.

Sometime a new, different haircut can be a real shock to a girl, especially if they've never cut it more than an inch or two before and it's a drastic change. Just tell her how good it looks and give it some time to settle in and she'll probably end up liking it and apologizing hopefully! ...If not, than you're just dating a self centered bitch I guess. FYL OP!

Volunteer to change it for her. First you must gather the necessary supplies: one pair of scissors, a bowl, and a towel. Good luck!

I'd offer to help her wig shop or get extensions too. Then tell her to dye part of the extensions any color she ever wanted but never got & it won't damage her real hair. If she's still a bitch after all this then leave her alone. Don't even bother with her self centered self.

You should keep your mouth shut, nod, and sit down. Don't even apologize. Anything you say can and will be held against you.