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  enonymous  |  8

I agree with 1 find someone else. Like a nice Internet creeper. Faithful, will always tag you in Facebook pictures, will send creepy love letters and may even use the Van Gogh move on you. Some of my ... I mean these guys... Great qualities

  Dante17  |  6

Even though, what makes u think he won't do the same thing he is doing but with u? Don't u think he'll cheat on u too "IF" he were with u?


don't get back with him and tell the wife it would be a lot better for her and the kids to know the truth and live a happy little lie :/ it might hurt but it would be worse if she or they found out because they would hate both of u a lot more for neither one of u confessing

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

i prefer doing it the other way around. trust me, i know from experience. the kids may seem more tender, but they're all fat, and besides, the wife would be better on your stomach than kids, as in multiple beings. especially trophy wives, they barely have Any meat or anything on them!! just muscles or skin. you fry 'em up and.... wait... were you joking?

  writergirl23  |  19

Um I think everyones reading the fml wrong, I think op's known bout his wife and kids the whole time and still likes him despite it ... Which is selfish and I have no time for ppl who put their own heart and self ahead of other people's happiness.