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Today, the ex who I'm still in love with told me he wishes we could be together, but that first I really need to get over the fact that he already has a wife and kids. FML
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Find someone else, dont ruin the family

There should be an ad here somewhere which says"hot single men in your area"..clik it


Find someone else, dont ruin the family

That *beeeepping* *beeep* how does he have a wife when he is *beeeeeeeeping* every person he *beeeeeeeping* sees.....

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tell your ex who you're still inlove with that he needs to get over the fact that you'll never be together again.

Yeah, don't "ruin" the family. They sound like a model for perfection. Seriously though, your ex is a prick.

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I agree with 1 find someone else. Like a nice Internet creeper. Faithful, will always tag you in Facebook pictures, will send creepy love letters and may even use the Van Gogh move on you. Some of my ... I mean these guys... Great qualities

OP should let his wife know what happened.

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38 - yeah, but at least she'll be able to live with herself. and sleep at night..... :)

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Even though, what makes u think he won't do the same thing he is doing but with u? Don't u think he'll cheat on u too "IF" he were with u?

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12- your icon is rather appropriate to you comment :p

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don't get back with him and tell the wife it would be a lot better for her and the kids to know the truth and live a happy little lie :/ it might hurt but it would be worse if she or they found out because they would hate both of u a lot more for neither one of u confessing

OP, this is the part where you turn into Adele. Start with 'Someone like you'. It's appropriate to the case.

Wow! Neck up u look like that Justin Bieber kid. LOL!

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That isnt nalia18.... Its just a photoshopped picture...

37: smooth. That's a twice in a lifetime opportunity for commitment there.

Why? That dudes gonna **** it all up eventually if he keeps thinking like that.

Find someone who is better worth your time op!! Don't give a second chance to that asshole.

You know the thumbing part isn't so bad. But my butt hole hurts so much afterward. :(


The second post number 2...What the heck is Goin on here...

#54 Well before you can do it the other way around you have to lick the meat first to see if you want to eat it.

Seriously.Why won't my funny comment go to right place!

eat the children, kill the wife. problem solved!

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i prefer doing it the other way around. trust me, i know from experience. the kids may seem more tender, but they're all fat, and besides, the wife would be better on your stomach than kids, as in multiple beings. especially trophy wives, they barely have Any meat or anything on them!! just muscles or skin. you fry 'em up and.... wait... were you joking?

:) you remind me of my friend Locke... He also talks about eating people.

That's horrible… I feel bad for you. YLS.

What does that have to do with anything?

What does that have to do with anything?

Oh, means your life sucks.

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You feel bad for someone that refuses to move on when there ex clearly has? Why?

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Come on Op you can do it, you need to take him home and get preggers, that'll show his wife.

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cmon there are lots of fish in the sea

There should be an ad here somewhere which says"hot single men in your area"..clik it

OMG there IS a "singles" app advertised on the bottom of my phone right now. Lmao!

Well, "Zombie Farm" Is advertised at the moment so... If your into necrophilia go for it!

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19 - "Single? Download the Zoosk iPhone app!" is it that one?

This is really messed up if he's still married

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That's horrible that he's willing to ruin his family like that. He should be hung by his balls.

Can't change how the heart feels. Why it's important to let your brain lead.

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Yet sorta romantic that he is willing to ruin his relationship with his wife and possible his kids for you

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This girls cute and likes hockey! Brownie points.

Um I think everyones reading the fml wrong, I think op's known bout his wife and kids the whole time and still likes him despite it ... Which is selfish and I have no time for ppl who put their own heart and self ahead of other people's happiness.

Great in theory poor in practicality! This guy has no balls because he's not a real man. Real men don't act that way!

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Maybe she didn't know he was married. Ever think of that people?

Why do you love him if he's already married and has kids