By Confusedblonde - 30/04/2015 03:31 - United States - Canton

Today, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me, all because he thought I was a communist, a sinner, and a terrorist, simply because I think the gay rights are OK, because I agree with some feminists, and because I got blonde highlights in my hair. FML
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Before people say feminism is wrong, feminism is simply equality for everyone. The women who want men dead aren't feminists. Learn the difference


that sucks. just shake it off and move on

3 years isnt something you can just shake off, despite her boyfriend being a bit of an extremist

Well the wording of this FML is making my head hurt

No, that's because you are tripping on acid.

Obviously you should have gone with purple highlights.

Good riddance OP. Sorry it took so long to figure out those character flaws.

CODplayer4lyfe 24

Before people say feminism is wrong, feminism is simply equality for everyone. The women who want men dead aren't feminists. Learn the difference

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The wage gap is actually a misconception based on the types of jobs taken by men vs. women and other facts like men being more likely to negotiate for a higher salary and the fact that women are more likely to work fewer hours over the span of a year due to taking maternity leave or showing value for their family differently than a lot of men. Men take more hours to provide more money for their family, and many women take fewer hours to spend time with children. This doesn't apply to every person ever, but it contributes to the supposed wage gap among other things.

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#10, my mom and step dad have the exact same job at the exact same company. My mom has been there for five years longer and he still makes $0.75 more an hour than she does. What was that about there being no wage gap?

Is he by any chance a better employee than your Mom?

Gaernem 17

Feminism isn't about full equality anymore. Women only complain about what they see as uneqaul to them. But really you never see them complaining that more men are prosecuted for domestic abuse, simply because a woman told the police that he touched her and because she has marks on her body, when women do just as much domestic abusing. Seems it's always the man's fault. Also more and more men are raped per year, especially in prison, but you never hear anything about that either. The people who do things like this to men are never sought after for justice.

There's a difference between a feminist and a feminazi. The word "feminist" carries negative connotations now thanks to all of the feminazis, but there are still true feminists out there. Feminists want equality for everyone, feminazis want superiority. That was a simple of a definition I can make.

Feminists are too concerned with a wage gap that we have no evidence of. If they were truely concerned with women's rights they would be fighting against sex trafficing. Feminism as a whole was a good idea. Some people still fight for the right thing but it is mostly concerned with bras and tampons.

What you're referring to is called intersectional feminism, and it is what feminists stand for. I'll even add one that you forgot, and that's the rights of oppressed women who don't live in westernized countries. We're fighting for everything that involves equality, and yeah, that includes the stuff that pisses you off like, tampon tax (which, you should really do some soul searching to see *why* exactly, those things upset you.) There is nothing more ignorant, frustrating, and harmful for an otherwise incredible social movement than when people confuse misandry with feminism.

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I would just let it go and move on. There are better people out there

Agreeing with "some feminists"... Urgh. Either you agree women & men are equal or you don't. That's what feminism is. Not that women are "better", not that men are monsters. Feminism is the belief in the equality of both sexes. Period.

CODplayer4lyfe 24

And transsexuals and everything else in between. I see nothing wrong with any actual feminists, but a lot of them want all non-females dead

That's what feminism is supposed to be, but a lot of "feminists" are crazy man haters who don't actually want equality and believe every man is a rapist. Agreeing with some feminists most likely implies your definition and not the newer strain of "feminists".

I know it sucks, but your better off in the long run