By ginger - 19/08/2011 10:38 - New Zealand

Today, I got dumped by my boyfriend because he is tired of everyone giving him shit about my ginger hair. FML
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eminemchick 19

maybe he was disappointed in your "lack of soul"


he sounds like an asshole anyways who cares.

Aww... But i like gingers!... They hot!

BelleElle_fml 5

Lindsay Lohan looked good back when she was a Ginger.

Redheads are the best! What's wrong with this guy?

eminemchick 19

maybe he was disappointed in your "lack of soul"

Lindsay Lohan looked *better* when she wasn't always of her face.

IndiRae 9

Who gave the Ginger internet access? Shit people, we have to control them.

haha ^_^ nothings wrong with me I only said fire crotch

sccrismyantidrg 4

Lol at #40. But all jokes aside, I think gingers have gorgeous hair.

yes i I think gingers have beautiful hair as much as the next person it's they get so much shit I admit to saying some "no souls" but I kinda feel bad for her getting dumped by your looks it's the inside not the outside.

You mean, you hair looks like ginger roots? I'd dump your butt too. In fact, I would have never hooked up with you.

Female gingers have rather beautiful hair, but male gingers.... It just looks wrong on them.

really man you are a shallow dick you have to love someone for who they are not how they look

Haha u so deserved it ginger!

Haha u so deserved it ginger!

Haha u so deserved it ginger!

Haha u so deserved it ginger!

@63 I'd date some of the Weasleys. The guys who played Fred and George were hot. They were actually brown-haired, but they did look good with red hair.

Eggers 2

look very closely. #40's hair is red too... Gingers insulting Gingers, this world is going to hell

IndiRae 9

90- How in the **** does my hair look red? It's dark brown.

UnicornPukePink 0

I agree with #73. Of course it depends on the guy, but if they rock it, it can look good. I have a huge crush on the guy who plays Ron Weasley.. (:

fat_snooki_lol 6

Soulless devil spawn, the ginge!

@112 S'ok, I don't believe in souls. As you are asserting you have one, you are a soulful freak. :P

VALID REASON. On a lighter note, I'm dating a beautiful reddish blondish hair colored girl. Annnnnd my celeb crush is Emma Watson, and she has reddish-brownish hair. So I think girls with red hair, unless it has like knots in it or something, are beautiful. :D.

Boygenius50 8
qriztyy4747 3

Gotta love redheads! We aren't all that bad!!

I never thought of Emma Watson as a ginger - but maybe that's because she's always standing next to Rupert Grint? OP, people can be bastards when it comes to red hair. Apparently it's okay to bully us because we're not a race (my high school's official line on the issue). You learn to ignore it, eventually. And you were always too good for your ******* boyfriend, if he dumped you for that. If he's getting shit for dating you, I can imagine now much crap you're getting - he should've seen that too, and stood up for you. I'm sorry he was a waste of space; you'll find someone better. :)

Mahomie123 0

Female gingers are pretty!!! And male gingers... Awkward.

well if you only have a gingers hair obviously youre just a day walker not a ginger, buggs the crap outa me when people say people with red hair and no freckles are gingers because no they are not theyre just simple everyday day walkers

n_epic_fail 14

I have a special place in my "closet" for Ginger's ;)

Bro gingers are hot. Shallow blondes makin fun of people.

Are you kidding me, No. 173? Your school only protects victims of racial bullying but everyone else is on their own? Horrible. One of the problems with bullying in schools is that administrators and teachers tend to side with the bullies. They think being bullied is a self-inflicted wound, that the victims are asking for it by the way they look/dress/act/speak or whatnot and if they'd just shape up and be like everyone else, the bullying will stop on its own. To them, bullying is how the 'normal' kids force the 'freaks' to conform. They don't understand that often the source of the victim's non-conformity is beyond their control (in your case, red hair, what on earth could you do about that?). And even if the victim tries to conform, often the dye is already cast and the attacks continue anyway. When I was in elementary school I was transferred to another school for one year. Everyone picked on me. No adult lifted a finger to help me and my classroom teacher actually aided and abetted the bullies. I didn't see any of those people again until high school, when they all picked up right where they left off. I bet if I asked those people why they were attacking me, they wouldn't even remember. Bullying me had simply become habitual. I am very sorry to see that little has changed and that Columbine has taught these blowhards nothing.

@189, ginger hair and freckles are caused by separate genes. You can have one, or both, or neither - but you can't claim someone isn't a 'real ginger' because they aren't also freckled. That's like saying someone isn't really blonde if they don't also have blue eyes. I've had gravel thrown in my face by strangers on the basis of my hair colour; freckles or not, I think that makes me eligible to whine about being ginger on the internet. @215, I wish I was kidding. The school's in special measures now though, so apparently someone higher up the chain noticed the bullshit :P The whole 'good bullying' thing really frustrates me. If someone has terrible hygiene, or is morbidly obese, don't you think they've noticed already? Calling them names isn't going to help them, they aren't suddenly going to realise, 'shit, I'm not healthy! Thank god the kid across the street yelled swear words at me and opened my eyes!' - bullying is only ever going to make things worse. God knows I comfort ate all through high school; I was just lucky my metabolism could keep up, or I'd have added 'beached whale' to my list of social crimes.

Who would give up perfectly good fire crotch what a dumbass.All joking aside though red ginger hair is awesome.

djdumont 0

are you saying your dating a girl with hair that isthe color red, or a black girl with red hair? the 'colored' thing confused me. not trying to be racist...people in MA still say that...a lot haha.

lorenzoman77 7

Rearrange the letters in Ginger...lmfao

@251, don't. :) It was a shitty few years but (despite appearances) it doesn't bother me any more. It's worth bringing up sometimes because when I was there, and nobody was taking it seriously, I thought I was the only person getting this hassle and I'd have liked to have someone else tell me that I wasn't alone. But things are good now, I'm happy, and all the girls in high school who used to give me shit for my hair have now dyed theirs crappy fake red. Feels good, man :P @258, you're a shining wit. Have you heard 'Prejudice' by Tim Minchin?

Clozzie 0

Haha ginger pubi. Hair lol sexy :P

Karen Gillen is hot as **** and she has red hair.

People got what they deserve at columbine. They all destroyed 2 kids lives and in return they destroyed theirs. Only those who are prepared to be killed should kill. If I mock u I should expect a mocking back to the least.

What about Rupert Grint? He looks fine to me...

candyaddict54 3

Exactly! Just because some one has Ginger hair, you dump them? Everything's practically on looks these days.

Heyyy heyy! don't take it a bad way ya lil' devil;) wont dont want u to become the next coppercab haha maybe he doesn't want u to steal his soul

loliloveyou 4

Wow. Obvious troll is obvious.

loliloveyou 4

(@339) wow. Obvious troll is obvious.

guys gingers are cool as long as theyre women. its only the guys that we should hate.

I'm a ginger too, and I know how that feels. Haha.

gracemarye93 0

Ginger! You could have died your hair silly

what are you some kind of serial head shaver? murderer.

hotPinklipstick 24

She shouldn't have to dye her hair to have to impress her boyfriend. If he really cared about her he would like her for who she is, Ginger and all.

2 of course I forgot that people can kill their hair.

really guys don't complain he was only trying to help she can dye her hair if she really likes the guy •_•

22- hair is made up of dead cells so dying It doesn't kill it when it's already dead :P

jellitonoctopus 19

60, you do not get what 22 was implying.

2- why should she change who she is unwillingly? If shes ginger she's ginger, and if he doesn't accept her for who she is he isn't worth the trouble.

stacianichole 2

Right, and then have the eyebrows, lashes and body hair of a redhead...

nickbucci1252 0

Well of she likes him and he does not like gingers she should have just died her hair

105- you are missing the point, she shouldn't have to change herself for someone else.

It's dyed..first off. Secondly.. He sounds like an idiot. Better that he stays single for as long as possible. He should have been sticking up for you from the start.

84 I get what they were implying but I think their comment could have been worded different...

152, it's painfully obvious that you do not and will not get the joke any time soon so for the love of god spare yourself the embarrassment and please stop commenting.

jessie96xoxo 0

So many people commenting are rude. I have red hair and I'm never dying it a different color. Never have, never will. But what OP's ex did was wrong.

60 you could quite possably be the stupidest person I ever had the misfortune to know.

19- I agree. OP it's not your fault that your ex-boyfriend didnt have the balls to stand up for his girlfriend.

liggity 1

84 I think you missed the sarcasm of "dying" her hair

26- Why would she have to dye her hair o be with him?

i think 2 forgot a semicolon. "you could have died; your hair silly."

It is too bad, Gingers are the best in bed- no doubt. His loss for being stupid enough to listen to the never ending bullshit about Gingers and not being a real man and standing up for his girlfriend. Op, consider yourself lucky to have lost the wimp.

I love how people take FML more seriously than they should.

jellitonoctopus 19

I can't imagine receiving a bag of feces because I was dating someone who has red hair. D: Gahh that's awful!

No no people, she's American; shes actually serious.

why don't you dye his hair ginger in revenge

Sydnayy 4

The color is not called ginger.

sxe_beast 11

Actually the color would be ginger because as defined by the dictionary ginger is a color: a yellowish or reddish brown.

shay1813 0

Whatever you want to call it, it's a beautiful hair color :) OP you should be lucky

crazychick1269 7

Well OP don't be sad your ex is an idiot gingers are hot imho theyre like a rare species of girl

lstrawberrycake 12
skylerXx 6

This FML gathered all the gingers in the world to defend their titles. :P

if it taste like chicken keep on licking if it taste like trout gtfo

Aw dude, I just lost my appetite from that last comment....

:) and here comes desert cream pie :P

desert cream pie? sounds a bit gritty for my tastes.

aFatFuck 0

Yeah and who would actually do that? Are they in junior high still?

He is a piece of shit. You deserve better.

Stop acting like you know shit, cause you don't! She doesn't even feel pain anyways, because she's a ginger. Duh.

Pantha i really hope you're a troll, because your jokes are among the wolrd stupidest jokes

oops_im_fucked 8

Wait gingers have feelings!!!!! They just don't have souls...

omgcookeys 15

I don't understand how hair color is so important to people...

eminemchick 19

like ferb! and he has such a frickin sexy english accent. i'd so do him