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  Supaviper  |  14

Does anyone remember that FML where a guy asked his friend for breast milk? Drink your own milk OP - that sounds so wrong on so many levels - and if anyone laughs, show them your muscle.

  tounces7  |  27

I'm not entirely convinced that your body can create a net gain on nutrients it produces itself.

I mean - since his body is creating the milk - one would assume he's using up nutrients to do so, and digesting them again would merely replace some of them.

  Supaviper  |  14

#54 You have a point, But I'm guessing if OP's body can support producing milk, then he'd already be strong? Oh god we need a doctor here.
#73 There was this bodybuilder who asked one of his female friends for breast milk, and then realized how creepy/weird that sounded, and then posted an FML. He then posted a follow-up, in all caps, describing the text he sent her, her shock, and that they probably won't be friends anymore. It was hilarious because of the all-caps thing, and then Alan responded "STOP SHOUTING". Good times xD

  primadonna9396  |  16

No, it really can't. At least not calorie for calorie. But if one only had access to junk food for a few days and drank their own breast milk in addition to that, they'd be better off than if they didn't. And of course if someone was beginning to starve but still producing breast milk, there's no reason not to drink it again if they don't have to feed a baby with it.

FYL, OP. Unless it's from steroid abuse in which case you most definitely deserve it.