By Anonymous - 25/05/2017 04:00

Today, my boss held a meeting to talk about how we can't overlook others and no one should pick favorites. I walked out unemployed when I pointed out that she completely ignored the person who made the biggest sale in company history and constantly gave her son raises for mediocre work. FML
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HR and the boss are probably one in the same since family are employed in a direct working relationship... so telling HR is a pointless endeavour.

The old: do what I say, not what I do!

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You don't: know how to use colons correctly.

An acceptable use for colons is script dialogue. For example; Batman: I'm Batman. If he's using it like that, he's not wrong, at least by descriptive grammar rules.

Hats off! I love how you roasted and smoked her right in her face after the BS "no favouritism" talk.

If you criticized a child to his mother you must be new to this life.

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Ring, ring. "Hello, HR?" Ring, ring. "Hello, Department of Labor?" Ring, ring. "Hello, Lawyer."

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Predictable outcome. Tough situation.

If FML teaches you anything kids, is that you *don't* criticise the boss.

Nepotism occurs in more places than we want. Doing the right thing from a managers point of view is shaded by such. That is why Human Resources exist.

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That sounds like a toxic place to work anyway.

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How did you see that playing out in your head?