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Today, I went out on a first date. He insisted we go to McDonald's and split a Happy Meal because he "didn't want to waste any money on a first date." FML
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Wow how cheap can you be to split a happy meal and not a big mac meal?


#1 You're so creative! It's genuinely not funny when you use that meme on every story with 2 humans in it. I'm just wondering if OP went on with the date.

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9, "I went out on a first date" that means yes, she was just disappointed.

Don't forget about the new "daily double"! It's got mayo, tomato, onions, pickle, shredded lettuce, and cheese with two regular meat patties on a standard bun! Mmm!

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9- Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think that qualifies as a meme since that saying was being used way before the word meme even existed.

16 - 9 was asking if she let the date continue from that point forward, not if she went on the date to begin with.

fml? where? What are the chances he will ever end up in debt?

Meme isnt a a new term - kids have just begun using it as a slang term. It's (originally) the transfer of culture or behavior non-genetically and the word is derived from ancient Greek. But 9 did use the slang incorrectly Since meme is really more the electronic sharing of media and multimedia.

The only buns he will be seeing are the ones on the hamburger.

#16 she went ondate but as soon as he insisted her, wat happened further is the cruosity lol

Looks like he didn't want to spend any either.

Maybe he has no money to buy them separate meals cos he gambled it all away?

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Should of left him right here ... That's all He could of afford what his getting on the second date ??

Wow how cheap can you be to split a happy meal and not a big mac meal?

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Maybe he'll take OP somewhere fancy for the second date.

L1v3_L0v3_Lau9h 18

Yeah! By his standards, maybe next time he'll take her to Burger King! :P

Maybe the 3rd date will be at In N Out, or maybe that might be too much...

In n out is pretty upscale. I don't know if op is worth that much on a 3rd date.

No, i reckon it will be back to his place to share a nice plate of baked Beans.

I'm pretty sure he could just bring his "place" to Hers and park it in her back yard

You're laughing now, but frugality wins in the end. When she's living in her McMansion and he fully owns a modest bungalow him and his large bank account will have the last laugh.

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I wonder who got to keep the toy

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Well if you end up marrying him, at least you know that a drive through marriage in Vegas isn't out of the question! ...unless you live far from Vegas and he doesn't want to spend that much on a wedding.

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Woah 156, marriage? Let's just calm the **** down.

Are sure there will even be a second date -.-

I would eat more than my half and tell him later that i'm not intresting..

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And to believe I thought I've heard about all the lame first dates!! This one however is just pathetic.

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If you're happy, then why are you complaining?

did he get the toy or did he let you have it? :D

Lame? I had my first date with my current gf to maccas. That was three years ago. I remember we sat there for 5 hours just chatting away... All you people who are saying its a lame idea, must have no personality and very high expectations. Its not about the food. Its about the company!!

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Does Maccas equal McDonald's? Anyways, I doubt you bought one tiny, child-sized meal and shared it with your date because you told her she was pretty much a waste of money. If you went out on a date there with a girl you probably bought her her own meal. She is not complaining about where the date took place, but that she was obviously not worth the five dollars to get her a hamburger.

A McDonald's hamburger isn't even 5 dollars.

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He obviously has no money to spend on a real date. Smh

39 - That doesn't really matter. I call all my friends 'bro.' Male or Female.

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It's the new gender neutral, politically correct, omnisexual thing to do. After all, manly men were a threat to wimps everywhere and had to be neutralized.

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You can do a lot of fun and romantic things that don't cost a lot of money. My boyfriend prepared a picnic on our 1st year anniversary a few years ago. We were both still at university so I wasn't expecting to celebrate at all. He made the effort and to me that was way better than a fancy restaurant.

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I think its a better idea to spend more money on the first date so that right off the bat the girl knows that you are willing to spend money on her, then as more dates follow you can spend less and less money. But there are a lot of activities for a first date that don't involve spending a lot that can still make an impression.

133- i disagree. First dates should not be expensive ones. I get where youre coming from about making an impression. But what if theres no connection there. Your out of pocket and she gets a great free feed! Imo. First dates should be cheap and simple. Youre trying to get to know the other person, not show off what you can afford. Thats my two cents worth anyway. Its worked for me:)

Thats true. Im not going to disagree there. But in my previous comment i did not make a reference to the fml, only the commenter before me. But in relation to the fml, sharing a kids meal is not the right thing to do.

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So no happiness from a happy meal??

Did he bring you back to his trailer afterwards and command you to give hin a BJ since he spent all his money on you?

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