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Today, my boyfriend and I broke up because we got into a fight over what color that confusing black and blue and white and gold dress was. FML
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YDI for letting something so trivial become such a huge issue. Priorities, OP.

I can't believe this shit is going viral.


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It was actually Blue and Black. You now look like a dumbass.

I saw gold and white people see it different

They found the actual dress and it's black and blue. The dress design is still being made and you can actually buy one of its many mass produced sisters. Something about the photo is causing different people to interpret the color differently. It looks white and gold to me most of the time, but then other times for a split second it will look black and blue, then change back again to white and gold. This phenomenon even has vision experts stumped and there are quite a few scientific theories floating around out there about it. It seems trivial, but it's actually very interesting. Nothing like this has happened before and we may learn something new about why we as individuals see the world the way we do.

The dress is black and blue. A very basic explaining involves the background and lighting on the dress, the more white the background and darker the dress itself, it tends to look white and gold; a lit dress and dark background, the dress turns black and blue. Or something like it, I'm not sure.

The theory that makes the most sense to me is that the dress was under blue light when the photo was taken, altering the colors the camera captured. When people see white and gold, they are seeing the dress as the color it actually is under the blue light in the photo, but when people see black and blue it's because their brains are able to pick up on the blue light from other cues in the photo and compensate for it.

No, it's black and white. That is the irony, both factions are wrong!

Sorry but the dress is actually Blue and Black, but with bad lighting the blue looks light blue, and the black lights up as gold. our eyes tr to correct it and either correct it good or wrong, and when doing it wrong it looks white and gold, but as proven over and over it is blue and black.

I read an article on this dress. The dress is just as confusing in real life not just the photo - as explained by the people who started all this off. The reason it looks different colours is because of the way the sun hits it. Our eyes try to allow for the yellow sunlight so try to extract yellow from colours to see the real colour. The colour you see all depends on how well your eyes can account for sunlight with this particular shade of colour. The dress looks different according to the light of the room your in, the light of the picture and the light of the background you're looking at it. I'm not fully clued in on the science but its to do with how many rods and cones you've got and how your brain interprets the signals it receives from them.

Except the black part looks good not white and he blue part looks white not black.

Its a ydi becuase they should have been admiring the cat in the top right corner not giving a damn about the dress.

God Dammit, here's the link with the photo from the shops website. It's blue and black

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I read from the original poster of the dress that it was white and gold but I don't doubt that it comes in both colors. That would certainly add to the confusion!

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Does anyone even know how the argument started?

In Normal Light it's Blue and Gold, In Bright Light it's White and Gold, in Dark Light it's Black and Blue. Problem Solved.

the actual dress is blue and black. the photo circulating is horribly overexposed making it blue and brown/gold

#213 I also thought it was blue and gold when I first saw it. The colours keep changing every time I look at it.

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Yes but the blue and gold and black and white weren't the colors that were interchanged. The blue and white and black and gold were what was interchanged

the designer of the dress even said it himself that the dress is black and blue......

Hopefully this was a mistake op. There are better reasons to leave someone!

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I honestly think it's one of the dumbest reasons in The Book of Dumb Reasons to leave someone.

If something as silly as this is enough to break them up, their relationship couldn't have been that strong to begin with.

Oops! Scrolled down and 18 beat me to it!

I can't think of a much better reason like come on agreeing on this dress is one of the most important things a couple can do...

I know right? Its gold and white though, don't see any other colour?

It's white and gold. Everyone I know who saw black and blue saw glimpses of white and gold but my friends who originally saw white and gold haven't seen anything different.

Me too I saw gold and white and so have most of my freinds

It IS white and gold. I just think everyone who claims to see blue and black are messing with us. I tried to look at it different ways and I couldn't see anything else than white and gold. D:

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Whether you see gold and white or blue and black depends on how your brain accounts for the lighting. The dress is actually blue and black. Crazy interneters can find anything to prove a point.

@61 There are pictures of the same dress in different lighting and the actual dress really is blue and black. The picture that went viral is just super terrible and the lighting makes it look different to some people. But it really is blue and black, sorry.

Well okay. It's cruel to mess with someone's mind like that D: BUT I accept and admit I was wrong! Good day to everyone.

Sadly all I see is gold and white but there were a few times I saw the black and blue (:

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The first time I saw it the dress was white and gold. But now I only see blue and black.

What is this dress that apparently went viral? I'm lost on this...

Regardless of color, the dress is ugly. But it is white and gold for arguments sake!

I would have thumbed you up if you hadn't added the white and good part

I know a couple who broke up over an argument about cheesecake...

Cheesecake is pretty important. It is not at the importance level of donut flavors, but it is up there.

Now that's worth arguing over, 154. I'm still unsure on that one.

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Your profile pic goes so well with that comment

I think that dress debate is not even worth arguing with someone over. I try my best to avoid stupid fights with my boyfriend.