By Anonymous - 04/02/2014 18:00 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, as I came home from school, I saw a little rock in the road. I kicked it, intending to send it sailing into the bushes in front of my house. It went wide and sailed straight into a window instead. FML
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Oh well. You know what they say, 'the glass is half full [of cracks].'

This may actually be a recent FML someone deserves.


Oh well. You know what they say, 'the glass is half full [of cracks].'

Yeah. OP, at least it was your house!

This may actually be a recent FML someone deserves.

Unless you are an Olympic soccer player, I don't think you can accidentally kick a rock through a window by just dragging your feet.

#26 In the FML, it states OP intended to send it sailing in front of the house. Now I'm assuming the window was right above the bushes. That's where OP made the mistake.

#33 the world does not have Olympic soccer, we have FIFA World Cup. Sorry, I really had to clear that up. It was too painful to read. Now I'm in peace (:

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#33, yes we do have soccer in the Olympics.

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#37 if you are going to correct... make sure you are right first. Sorry, I really had to clear that up.

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37, Of course there is Olympic soccer... Basketball has an NBA championship but the dream team is in the Olympics. Please get your facts straight.

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#37 Oh how I love it when someone makes a comment so patronising because they think someone is wrong, but instead, they end up looking like a shitheap in a wedding dress shop.

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He who lives in a glass house.. :) FYL, but kinda YDI

He doesn't live in a glass house, but houses do have windows.

thx for the information! that why its so dark in here.... hum.. maybe I should have put a door too....

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Is that why you have been unsuccessful in learning correct English? You couldn't see the book? (not even mentioning the grammar)

Well that's why you don't go around assaulting rocks. What did it ever do to you? Or were you trying to save it from being ran over in the road ha

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Haha you are stronger than you think OP! Next time aim for your enemy

No aim for the already broken window so they hit the enemy

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Way to go. Better start paying for a new window now.

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When I broke a window I just fixed it the next day. Slightly cheaper and them you don't have a guilty conscience.

Now have assault on a rock and a window. Think people serve time for those two combined.